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Compare fast food and home cooked food - Essay Example

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Thesis: Unless the risk of cardio-vascular diseases, which take enormous number of lives each year, USA people used to turn a blind eye to the main reason of such diseases – obesity; along with other reasons of this pathology quite powerful is malnutrition connected with fast…
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Compare fast food and home cooked food

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Download file to see previous pages se state-wide rate of health, children also adopt such way of life and will give to their children, etc.; family institution suffers from using of fast food.
II. Healthy food is cheaper for consumers, therefore more money remains in savings, living standard increases, healthy way of life can be (and should be) example for further generation, it means much healthier and tough ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...and as such restaurants are faced with an uphill task of creating consumer loyalty where for instance consumers will be encouraged to purchase more expensive items after getting them ‘hooked’ on the low-priced ones (“More than menus…”). Second to health concerns is loss of family tradition as an effect of dependence on fast food. This comes from the fact that fast foods offer convenience and low priced items at a time when most people are leading hectic lifestyles defined by long working hours and work plus school routines leaving no time for getting home to prepare a meal. Getting a meal has become a matter of picking up the phone and making an order...
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Fast Food the fast preparation of the food, thus, considered by many to require less time compared to the slow prepared meals. The convenience related to the preparation can also be considered as the main reason for the success of this type of food in the communities and cities that can be considered fast phase, wherein people lack the time to be able to enjoy meals due to work and other activities. Another reason for the success of the fast food can be attributed to the promotions that are made by the media and the advertising industry that can influence the public especially the young members of the population (Goldstein &...
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...Sebastian Fast Food Fast food is food that is prepared and served quickly. In today’s age of convenience and instant gratification, fast food needs no introduction. Almost everyone, from a young toddler to an old grandparent, seems to be enjoying fast food. And why not? It is delicious, it is affordable, it is easily and readily available. Fast food includes hamburgers, fried chicken, french fries, hot dogs and pizza. Today, more and more Americans are forsaking healthy, home-cooked meals and gorging on...
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...that they have a habit of eating daily. This certainly is an indication that very high percentages of people have been eating in the fast food restaurants (Exhibit I). Fast Food Saves Time and Also Economical Why do you eat fast food? That was the second question that we asked. The 43% respondents said they do not have time to cook; while 35 percent gave the reason of the same being cheap and 22 percent gave the reason of fast services (Exhibit II). Exhibit II The lack of time is given a biggest reason for the consumption of fast food. The people prefer to eat...
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