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Compare fast food and home cooked food - Essay Example

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Thesis: Unless the risk of cardio-vascular diseases, which take enormous number of lives each year, USA people used to turn a blind eye to the main reason of such diseases – obesity; along with other reasons of this pathology quite powerful is malnutrition connected with fast…
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Compare fast food and home cooked food

Extract of sample "Compare fast food and home cooked food"

Download file to see previous pages se state-wide rate of health, children also adopt such way of life and will give to their children, etc.; family institution suffers from using of fast food.
II. Healthy food is cheaper for consumers, therefore more money remains in savings, living standard increases, healthy way of life can be (and should be) example for further generation, it means much healthier and tough ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Compare Fast Food and Home Cooked Food Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 1)
“Compare Fast Food and Home Cooked Food Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 1”, n.d.
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Fast food

This also applies to those foods that have preheated and precooked ingredients hence can be taken away or eaten from the customers’ comfort zone. These foods can be purchased from kiosks or many a times fast food outlets and most these outlets may or may not provide sitting space. Everyone is responsible for their daily calories intake, hence, it is the personal responsibility for everyone to cut down on fast foods and invest in low fat foods. There is no need to blame fast food restaurants for the obesity issues, since; nutrition is a mandatory requirement for everyone who desires good and perfect health. The obesity crisis can be blamed largely on the sedentary lifestyle that most of us have adopted. Nowadays, you will not find...
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... life time of food, its temporary taste, less audience, its lack of complexity, less creativity, the profit motive of its creators, its objective to nourish people, its recurring needs etc. In contrary to this, he has illustrated some experiences in elBulli restaurant for its chances of being an art. Compare and Contrast with other Related Articles: There are some common features to be compared between the article of Blake Gopnik and the post in “From Still Life to Real Life: Food Art and Its Place in the Art World” by Kate Olsen. These include the life time of food, and its simplicity. As per the television program “The Rachel Ray Show” done by Artist Jason Baalman, it is clear that the history and custom of food is an acceptable opinion...
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... FAST FOODS AND OBESITY The Latin America has characteristically the most hit by alarming levels of obesity, mostly affecting the young and school going age. However, this implies that the condition is witnessed even with the older generation as it spills over through the development stages. Much of the studies revolving around this menace have focused on who is to blame over the alarming levels that obesity is taking over the society, not only with the Latinos but also with the entire US at large. For instance, Glassman, Figueroa and Irigoyen in the year 2011, studied the perceptions of Latino parents on the role that as parents to school going children, they would play to control the condition in the society. They carried out this study...
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Fast Food

Nonetheless, it does not make it an easy endeavor, as it also requires strategic thinking concerning how to undertake it. There are those that will shy away from it due to high costs incurred at the beginning and those who embrace it simply because there is a constant market. In the same way, consumers have become more aware of health hazards associated with fast food forcing restaurants to come up with healthier options. Outline of Opposing Side The most pressing challenge facing the fast food industry is the fact there is an increasing awareness of health implications of fast foods. Previously, the fast food was the go-to business owing to its cheap aspect in the face of hard economic times. Fast food outlets were able to cash...
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Fast Food

Although this is the case, the public still considers the consumption of the food that are being served by the fast food establishment due to the interaction of different factors such as convenience in location, the rate of preparation that can be considered beneficial to the fast phase living and even the affordability.
On the basis of the focus on adolescents, it is important to consider the proper guidance in terms of the dietary habits and practices to be able to prevent the detrimental effects such as health conditions including obesity and diabetes. Another important issue to be considered includes the factors that can affect the diet behaviour of the public. These concerns include media, the traditional and cultural...
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Fast Food and Natural Food

... Supervisor 26 April 2009 Fast Food vs. Natural Food Fast food suggests that it is kind of food that takes less preparation time and easy to serve. In modern society, it refers to the food in restaurant mostly in packaged form for take away. Hamburgers and fries are common example of fast food. Whereas natural foods are in raw form with less cooking .It does not include items such as sweeteners, flavor, sugar etc. Fruits, vegetables etc are few varieties of natural food. Adding preservative and chemicals to give fresh and tasty look to natural food makes it unhealthy to eat. For example, Apple's smell can be generated by Ethyl-2-methyl butyrate. Only raw foods like fruit, vegetables etc grown in natural environment are vital to health...
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Fast Food

... 1: Fast Food Causes Obesity (A Minimal Relationship) This alleged causal relationship, that fast food causes obesity, has been shown to be highly questionable. Anderson and Matsa, responding to statements by American public health experts, policy makers, and the media, to the effect that fast food certainly causes or substantially contributes to obesity, have stated that "there does not exist a conclusive body of evidence establishing a causal link between the availability or consumption of away-from-home foods and obesity" (2007: 24). Their research, therefore, was designed to test this alleged causal relationship. The specific concern was whether the regulation of the fast food industry was justified as a public health issue...
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Fast Food

The response received has been produced in Exhibit I.
The response received indicates that 60% ate weekly in fast food outlets and 17% informed that they have a habit of eating daily. This certainly is an indication that very high percentages of people have been eating in the fast food restaurants (Exhibit I).
Why do you eat fast food? That was the second question that we asked. The 43% respondents said they do not have time to cook; while 35 percent gave the reason of the same being cheap and 22 percent gave the reason of fast services (Exhibit II).
The lack of time is given a biggest reason for the consumption of fast food. The people prefer to eat fast food because it saves time and served quickly. Fast food does no...
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Fast Food

... in form of informing the fast food eaters about the negative impacts of these foods. Many a time, the customers use and eat the products without knowing the negative impact of them. Media can be used to positive effect in this regard, overall awareness may be generated in the masses to avoid obesity. Prevention methods can be introduced by introducing punitive measures. The Food department should introduce policies that are driven towards safe foods, and reduction of pure fat and cholesterol in the fast food. Fast foods are not all bad, even they provide energy, yet the ratio of fats and other insoluble items used over weigh the good content of the fast food. Parents have a lead role to play in this regard, they at home can provide...
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Fast food vs. Home Cooked food

...Fast food vs. Home cooked food Being green is not just a trend; it is a path to be healthy and longevity. In this age of competition, individuals arebusy in their professional lives. Since fast foods are ready anytime and anywhere, more people get them to allay their hunger in their fully occupied schedules. Nevertheless, fast food has proven to be unhealthy, which leads numerous harmful disorders such as heart disease, cholesterol, blood pressure, and obesity. As a result, people are craving for home cooked food again. Having home cooked food can help people to create healthy eating habits and build up a healthier life. Fast food offers convenience and other advantages over home cooked food but the benefits of home cooked food...
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