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The video asserts that it is important to set communication goals because it will help the senders of information to be effective as communicators by helping them to become practical, factual, concise, clear and persuasive. Communication goals assist speakers in concentrating on…
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Reflective Blog Entry #1
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Reflective Blog Entry July The video asserts that it is important to set communication goals because it will help the senders of information to be effective as communicators by helping them to become practical, factual, concise, clear and persuasive. Communication goals assist speakers in concentrating on their specific intended effects on the audience, which can help them become more efficient and effective in choosing the right communication channels, style, and content. This perspective is similar to my personal and professional communication goals because I am also interested in expressing myself clearly and persuasively to others, depending on what I am talking about. Having communication goals will help me concentrate on what I want to say and how I want to say it because I know what I want to attain in the end. In addition, as a professional, I must also be factual, practical, and concise when I express myself because this is how a true professional communicates with others. I should not waste the time of my audience or confuse by telling them irrelevant or vague information.
As for the audience, the video asserts that they are important to the communication process, especially when using the audience-centered approach. The audience is critical to successful personal and business communication because they are stakeholders and they are the target end receivers of the message. The video emphasizes that speakers/writers should focus on understanding and meeting the needs of the audience, by providing information that they need, by listening to their concerns, and by maintaining positive working relationships, if present. The video highlights that there is no effective communication at all if readers do not understand the message, at the minimum. Furthermore, if the speaker’s main communication goal is to persuade the audience, then it becomes more essential to know who the audiences are, such as their goals, motives, and conditions, so that the speaker can connect more meaningfully to the audience.
“Chapter 1: Understanding Business Communication in Todays.” (2013). YouTube. Retrieved from Read More
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Reflective Blog Entry #1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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