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He started his career as a representative of people who fought for the rights and prosperity of every Ugandan citizen. However, his polemics…
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The last king of Scotland
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The Last King of Scotland Affiliation The Last King of Scotland The Last King of Scotland is a film which traces a story of General Amin (Forest Whitaker) who became the worst tyrant in African history. He started his career as a representative of people who fought for the rights and prosperity of every Ugandan citizen. However, his polemics ended when he became an official ruler of the country. His totalitarian regime had nothing humane in it. People who opposed Amin’s politics were tortured and killed. The film focuses on Amin’s personality and covers his transformation from a relatively reliable leader to a terrible unsympathetic tyrant.
Nicholas Garrigan (James McAvoy), a young Scottish doctor, happens to be in the closest circle of Amin’s followers. In the beginning of the film, Nicholas is inspired by passionate speeches Amin gives at every occasion. People believe Amin hoping that he will lead Uganda to success. Nicholas also sees a prospective leader who can change the country and make it prosperous. Amin produces the same impression on his foreign partners. It is revealed that he comes to power with the help of British ambassadors.
Amin promises people that he will take care of them. Ironically, he is aimed at taking care of his life. Uganda’s budget is spent on posh cars, palaces and parties Amin organizes for his friends. He likes people who flatter him. He likes British because he served in the British Army. He has the best cars, modernized hospitals, fashionable clothing while people die from starvation.
Amin is an eccentric leader; his personality has something comic and frightening in it. His closest followers have to laugh when he is laughing. His reactions are unpredictable. He likes different medals and titles to such an extent that he claims that he is the last king of Scotland. His tyranny is represented not in politics only but in his relationships with his wives. One of the children of his third wife Kay (Kerry Washington) is epileptic. However, Amin does not allow keeping him in the hospital. He insists that his wife has to lead isolated way of life in order to fact this shameful fact from other people.
General Amin is afraid of being killed. He suspects all people that they can poison his food or stand him up. He believes nobody. People who can express their opinion are not appreciated in Amin’s palace. It is the reason why Nicholas is excluded from Amin’s friends circle. His opinions become too humiliating for Amin, who wants to be the best. Nicholas becomes one of the prisoners of Amin’s regime. He is not allowed to leave the country. Moreover, Garrigan falls in love with Kay and she becomes pregnant. Amin kills his wife and tortures Garrigan.
Power spoils Amin; his reforms are becoming more and more absurd. For instance, he wants to depart all Asian people from the country because they take away Uganda’s prosperity. People who become scapegoats have to survive oppressions, physical pain and humiliation if they want to stay alive. Amin’s regime takes away 300 000 lives because it exists for the sake of only one person. Uganda’s hope turns into national tragedy.
Summing up, the film is not easy to watch. It shows the discrepancy between words and actions of Uganda’s leader. It makes people aware about violence and pain experienced by Ugandans in 18970-s when Amin was their ruler. He comes to power as a militarist and leaves it as a President for Life. It is hard to believe that all those events could happen in real life. Overall, the film is a sad masterpiece which traces a story of blind hope and bitter regret of people who wanted to make their country better.
McDonald, K. (dir.)(2006). The last king of Scotland [Motion picture]. UK, Germany: Fox Searchlight. Read More
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