Compare and contrast the marketing strategies of two major brands, Apple and Samsung - Essay Example

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According to Varadarajan (2010, 119), marketing strategy combines decision making efforts that influence an organization’s choices regarding market variables. Marketing strategy is important to any brand that aims to survive the competition. Planning and strategic efforts are…
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Compare and contrast the marketing strategies of two major brands, Apple and Samsung
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Download file to see previous pages ke Apple to continuously come up with products such as iPhone, iPad, Macbook etc, that are popular among consumer segments (Ferral and Hartline 2012, 1). The uncertainty of the external environment provides greater motivation for a company, particularly ones operating in the high-tech electronic industry, to continuously innovate and develop high quality products. Development of marketing strategy enables evaluation of a company’s strengths and in turn allows an organization to capitalize on its strengths thereby providing a competitive advantage. Apple and Samsung, both virtually operating the same industry, employ their marketing strategy to survive the competition in the companies’ macro-environment.
Availability of resources is an important aspect of marketing strategy for organizations operating in the electronics industry (Viardot 2004, 196). The fast-paced environment in the digital world necessitates the presence of ample amounts of resources in order to keep the technology updated. For Apple, continuous innovation in technology and the need to develop popular consumer products requires large amounts of both, human resource as well as capital for research and development (R&D). Such availability is vital to a brand’s image, particularly ones that deal in high-tech goods and services. Same is the case with Samsung where effective marketing strategy has allowed it to move its reputation to a premium electronics brand that has grown its market share tremendously. All aspects of marketing strategy including pricing, distribution, etc, play a central role in the delivery of consumer satisfaction with the product (Chang 2011). Marketing strategy altogether acts to provide consumers with a superior user experience.
Today’s electronics industry is increasingly dynamic and the development of effective strategies and marketing plans are important for the success of organizations that operate in the growingly competitive environment. Speaking about Apple ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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