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However, it only accommodates a small percentage of unmarried students; majority of the students live off-campus with their parents. Despite it accommodating very…
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Vincennce university should build more parking lots
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Vincennes should build more parking lots Vincennes has six residence hallswell equipped with study rooms, laundry rooms, and recreation areas. However, it only accommodates a small percentage of unmarried students; majority of the students live off-campus with their parents. Despite it accommodating very few students, it is evident that the parking spots are not enough. For instance, Harrison Hall located just behind it, accommodates approximately 100 students. However, it has only 39 parking spots, a number that is very far from enough. To add insult on the injury, Morris and Clark halls do not have any parking spots near them. In most occasions, it is very rare for residents in the campus to access parking spots during weekdays. For instance, many students find it hard to walk from some areas such as Red Skelton Performing Arts Center. Additionally, the walk in the darkness is somewhat intimidating (Irvine 1). The distance between the dorms and the lots is very short but very long between any dorm and the parking spot. In fact, it approximately three times the distance from one dorm to another. The distance from the common parking spot (Red Skelton Performing Arts Center Parking lot) seems near from the residential areas. However, the to and fro walks from the students parking area to the dorms justifies the point that it to be too far. Lack of enough accommodation is also one of the contributing factors for an increase in demand for the parking spots; majority of the students drive to school. It will be crucial for the school’s management to consider building more parking lots for the residents in order to save the students time.
For many years, the management of Vincennes University has been experiencing complaints from the students over the parking rules. According to the students, the rules of the university only value the interest of the staff. This is evidenced by their dislike of the existing rule that bars them from parking their vehicles in areas preserved for commuter and staff members. Most students also argue that the parking spots reserved for the commuter and staff is more than enough. This is evidenced by the number of spots that remain unoccupied even when almost all staff members are in school (Irvine 1). Additionally, it is evident that the school has not only more than enough space for the construction of parking spots, but also enough resources for the building of new parking spots. Majority of the students argue that it is unethical for them to pay $30 on unguaranteed parking spots near the dorms as a way for justifying their opinion for creation of more parking areas (Irvine 1). To prevent the advancement of conflict between students and the management of the school, it will be crucial if the university will consider building more parking spots.
In conclusion, it is crucial for Vincennes University to consider building more parking spots for their residents. In doing so, they will not only manage to enhance good relationship between the students and the management, but also solve the challenges that students face when moving from one point to another. The building of enough parking areas for the students will also prevent not only the congestion of vehicles in students’ parking lots, but also in areas reserved for the staff and commuter. Additionally, the building of more parking lots will make the students recognize the essence of paying $30 for parking.
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