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The Parking Lot - Essay Example

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It is important that all people who have these forms of transport find ample parking and use them efficiently. However, the…
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The Parking Lot
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Download file to see previous pages This issue should be urgently addressed to address the disorganization and disturbance that it causes in the campus. This is an informational analysis.
The authority responsible for this issue is the security department at the campus because they are mandated to handle issues of car parking and issues of disorganization and confusion created. As such, this complaint is directed to the head of the security department at the campus.
The lack of ample parking space is a problem in different areas (Arbatskaya, Mukhopadhaya and Rasmusen 4). In campus, it has been an ongoing issue for a long time and has created a nuisance. The numbers of students increase in the campus every year meaning that the numbers of cars, motorcycles and bicycles also increase. Despite the increase, the parking spaces are left unmanaged and the people who own cars, motorcycles and bicycles are left struggling on where to park and as a result of this decide to park anywhere they want. This issue has brought about several unpleasant experiences.
First, there have been accidents involving cars, motorcycles and bicycles. Because people decide to park their cars, motorcycles and bicycles anywhere and anyhow they want, it becomes difficult for them to move from places where they have parked, for instance when other cars, motorcycles or bicycles have parked behind them or on the sides. There have been several cases where people have complained that those who had parked either side of their cars had hit and damaged their cars or bikes when getting out and ran away without reporting or helping them repair their cars. The security has been unable to solve such issues because of lack of evidence or information to apprehend the culprits in addition to the fact that it would be difficult to solve such issues when no one knows who had parked the right way.
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