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The fact that students spend significant amount of time looking for parking space at the expense of learning is disturbing. The parking problem in colleges is further fuelled by…
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We need more parking space in the campus
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Parking Space Headache Whereas shortage of parking space is a global problem, it is more prevalent in learning s. The fact that students spend significant amount of time looking for parking space at the expense of learning is disturbing. The parking problem in colleges is further fuelled by the high cost of parking space.
There is an urgent need for colleges to provide adequate free parking for students. The initial cost for such project will be high. However, adequate and free parking will save valuable time for students. This is worth considering the busy lifestyles of the modern and future generations. It is unfortunate that a student will drive fast from home to college, only to spend about an hour or two finding parking space. The extra fuel consumed while looking for parking could be used to drive back home (Jakle and Keith 218).
The improved global economy and dropping fuel prices means more students driving into college in the near future. Whereas the administration may seem to sit on the tradition of conservatism, time has come for channeling more resources towards improving parking infrastructure. It is also worth considering that adequate parking will be one of the primary factors to consider when selecting colleges in the near future. This is because cost of parking is increasingly becoming an additional cost of learning.
Present students in college are budgeting up to 300 dollars each month as a parking and associated costs. This implies that a college without adequate parking may receive fewer applicants in the future if parking cost is anything to go by. However, students are highly encouraged to ‘carpool’ to save on fuel and parking costs. For example, five students can use one car and save space for four other vehicles. Ultimately, all the stakeholders involved can only address parking problem.
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