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An Opportunity of a Lifetime to Change the Whole Parking Set-Up in Their Universities - Research Paper Example

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As this paper finds out, it will take the participation of various groups to solve the parking problem. But it should be realized that students have a chance to get themselves out of it: Through a system of contributing to a parking scheme strategy…
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An Opportunity of a Lifetime to Change the Whole Parking Set-Up in Their Universities
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Extract of sample "An Opportunity of a Lifetime to Change the Whole Parking Set-Up in Their Universities"

Download file to see previous pages The Harvard University has a large number of students and staff and the most prevalent location is on the main campus, the Harvard school plays a major role in conditioning the environs transport patterns. There are currently an approximated 2 000 parking places on the chief campus. The City Campus vision has focused attention on re-developing and is engaged in a progressive construction program that will culminate in the formation of a green heart in the campus. In order to achieve this aim, there would need to have a fundamental overhaul of the vehicles parking arrangement. A watchful evaluation of the performance of the car parking revealed that usually there are enough slots. A university car parking place is supposed to cater for the needs of staff, students and visitors. The students complain to be in complete lack of parking facilities. Due to the usual high number of individuals that are in need of such space, it becomes necessary for regulations regarding car park used to be drafted and made available to all concerned parties. In order to streamline the use of car park services, we ought to have designated parking lots for every category. It is notable though that the Harvard University has got this in place. This will help minimize confusions that may arise from unordered and unwarranted parking of vehicles. Every university or any other institution of learning needs a clear policy guideline to ensure continuity in its operations. Such a plan should clearly spell out the rules and regulations regarding parking facilities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(An Opportunity of a Lifetime to Change the Whole Parking Set-Up in Research Paper)
An Opportunity of a Lifetime to Change the Whole Parking Set-Up in Research Paper.
“An Opportunity of a Lifetime to Change the Whole Parking Set-Up in Research Paper”, n.d.
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