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Communication skills - Assignment Example

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Jonathan gives the insights about good communication skills and success (Jonathan). Communication is about sending the message and…
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Communication skills
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Extract of sample "Communication skills"

Communication Skills According Jonathan the of advanced life skills blogs on communication skills, 85% of our success in life relies in communication skills. Jonathan gives the insights about good communication skills and success (Jonathan). Communication is about sending the message and receiving the feedback. For this reason, asking open ended questions is very important. Moreover, it is important to adapt to body language and feelings of the audience, showing them approval, listening attentively and revealing much about yourself as possible as a way of attracting their attention and keeping the conversation alive. Providing suggestions and providing encouragement during the conversations help to keep the conversation alive according to Jonathan.
According to Decker communications blog, Kelly Decker, argues that humor plays a big role in keeping communication alive. She gives an example of the just concluded Russian Winter Olympics 2014. Despite concerns about Russian security, they managed to overcome the pressure by use of humor. These made them feel light and created a connection between them. Similarly Kelly suggest that when it comes to embarrassing situation, there is no need to fear but instead laugh or make a joke and it will certainly col down the tension (Decker). Kelly believes that making light of the situation and taking advantage of unplanned humor helps in connecting and redirecting attention where it belongs. Creating unexpected moments while communicating helps in surprising people and sticking them where you want them to be.
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Communication Skills Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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