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Journalism - Communication Skills - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Date: Course: Communication Skills Learning the art of excellent communication skills, we use language to communicate in the day to day activities to conduct business, to relate well with the loved ones, and in anything that we do we have to communicate with other people in order to enable us to live…
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Journalism - Communication Skills
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Download file to see previous pages To enable this relationship to flourish, a person has to communicate well with the partner and be able to understand each other properly, this will make the two partners to always know when there is an issue in the relationship between them and be able to solve the problem. The process of communication is a continuous process that never ends (Ferguson 56). There are three main components of communication that people use in their daily activities. People who work together usually have gotten remarkably different ideas and opinions about the work that they are doing, the values of the work that they do, the beliefs of the different cultures in the world differ from person to person, and the needs of the people change and vary with individuals. People have the ability to relate with each other and be able to exchange different ideas, they are able to understand each other despite the fact that we have different opinions about each other in life, people are able to understand the perspectives of other people, they are able to sit down and solve issues among them successfully. They are able to use the processes that are outlined with the communication skills to be able do these things successfully without having hiccups. Getting to learn about the communication processes helps us to be able to have effective and efficient communications with other people. For example, in work places let us say a hospital, the doctors have to learn on how to use effective communication skills for them to communicate well and effectively with their patients. For students studying medicine, they have to learn a unit on communication skills that will enable them to be able to sharpen their communication skills and ensure that by the time they will be out to practice they will have grasped on the importance to communicate well with their patients. At the moment, students should learn on how to communicate among themselves as doctors to be. This is because when they will be practising, they will be required to communicate effectively and consult each other regarding a problem that a patient is facing. For them to be able to consult each other well without letting the patient know the problem the doctors have to learn how to communicate using the scientific terms that will help them to communicate better. For example, when discussing medication they will use terms like Etymology, and antispasmodics. They should be able to have mastery on the use of these scientific terms so that they are able to communicate amongst themselves without letting the patients know the truth on what they are talking about. The patients will be told the decisions of the doctors in a much simpler language (Ellis 45). The process of communication involves the Para verbal components, the nonverbal components, and the verbal components for a person to be able to pass messages better with other people. The Para verbal component of communication is the channel of communication that concentrates on the use of the intonation, the volume that is used in communication, the cadence of the language that used in communication, and also the pace that a person is saying words. Non verbal communication is the use of body language, and the necessary paralinguistics to be able to communicate properly and effectively (Condrill, Bough 56). This type of communication has been a significant centre of interest for quite a lot of time in sectors such as doing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Journalism - Communication Skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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