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Smoking Cigarettes is Good for Your Health - Essay Example

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Smokers feel as part of the brand consumed by a distinct role model in the society, and this further trigger the marginal consumptions of the deadly…
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Smoking Cigarettes is Good for Your Health
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Download file to see previous pages For example, many manufacturing firms use celebs, sportsmen and peer groups to create awareness that, the character prospered and accomplished a given task on smoking the brand. The advert attracts different old and new buyers alike, leading to increased profitability (Owing, 2005). Therefore, the good thing about smoking is the aspect of belongingness to a distinctive consumer group, enhancing the producer’s profitability levels accordingly. The following describes the effects of smoking, and the risks associated with the habit for new and existing users to the cigarette smokers.
Smoking poses as a risky practice has a wide range of hazardous health effects to humans. Different smoking products in the market contain nicotine, tar and other chemical composites that affect ones health over the period of indulgence into the smoking behavior. Smoking of cigarettes, cannabis sativa, and other narcotic has taken verge over youths worldwide, who perceive the behavior as stylish and entry to a de sired group of personalities in the society. All smoking products emit smoke that contains tar, and nicotine, which increases the risks of conducting cancerous diseases, associated top the breathing system (Bernhard, 2011). Carbon monoxide, once inhaled, deoxygenizes the blood such that the smoker feels dizzy, whilst the deoxygenated cells die off slowly. The dead cells result to wrinkling of tissues of the affected. Secondly, smoking impairs justice and the likeliness that smokers will assume difficult situations as oblivious are relatively high. Precisely, all the contents in every smoke tend to stimulate a false feeling whilst generating a long-term health issue to the smoker (Brandt, 2009).
The behavior of smoking is recurring, thus, whenever a person seeks to derive the effect of smoking, he will go ahead and light. Therefore, the habit, which once cropped as a less serious practice, takes over and charges the man to addiction. This is the most wary stage ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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