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Food addiction / chemicals making food addictive / potato chips - Research Paper Example

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FOOD ADDICTION / CHEMICALS MAKING FOOD ADDICTIVE / POTATO CHIPS NAME INSTITUTION Not long ago, scientists came to the conclusion that fast food can be just as addictive as Cigarettes, or other classified drugs. While the smoking ban is getting stricter every day, no regulations are in place for potato chips or other processed foods & snacks.?…
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Food addiction / chemicals making food addictive / potato chips
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Extract of sample "Food addiction / chemicals making food addictive / potato chips"

Download file to see previous pages In this paper, I would like to show that potato chips and other processed snacks are potentially just as dangerous as cigarettes or other drugs.Today, many people are dying as a result of weight related illnesses due to the consumption of fast food and “manufactured“ foods & snacks. Shouldn’t we demand laws to educate and protect us better? Many people crave the fatty satisfaction of potato chips, cheezies and other snacks that have high in calories and unhealthy fats. Since this food types are addictive, once you start eating them you will not stop until you are satisfied (Van Niekerk, 2012). One potato chip teases the taste buds in the mouth and creates a sensation of wanting more. Something addictive such as potato chips and cigarettes is known to contain psychoactive substances that cross the blood brain barrier and temporarily alter the chemical balance of the brain. When you find yourself in a ravenous state during the day, you will automatically reach for the same food in the cupboard. More often than not, people choose potato chips to fulfil all their craving that the body requires during this period. Despite the fact that everybody knows that potato chips are bad for your health, a lot of people still are addicted to them. Unfortunately, few people have taken less concern or action about this and just continue to eat these snacks as a means of satisfying a short term need. Another plausible reason why people tend to ignore the constant advice with regards to the health hazard about potato chips because people believe that this claim are unfounded. People know that potato chips are unhealthy, but nobody seems to have given a specific reason why. From the aforementioned information above, it is worth delving into the specifics of potato chips. Firstly, potato chips are known to contain three key ingredients mainly sugar, salt and fats. These three ingredients are the things that make potato chips as being addictive . This is the reason why people often tend to reach or partake potato chips when hunger strikes. It is important to understand how potato chips are made to give further insight on why it is so difficult to stop consuming potato chips. When making potato chips, manufacturers use the following steps. The potatoes are cut into thin slices. The next step which is drowning this chopped potatoes in fat. This is usually done for making the potato chips to have some form of taste. However, this is where the addictiveness of the potato chips starts. The fat that is used Fat in potato chips helps to prompt a sensation in the mouth called the“mouthfeel“ (KAYLOE, 2003). This is described as the pleasurable feeling whilst eating unhealthy food. This is a character that makes the eater want more and more of a particular food. This should be a major health issue as this type of food has a lot of calories that contain in fat. This means that this stage does not only promote mouthfeel which is the addictive aspect of the food but also adds a lot of calories to the potato chips. The negative steps in the preparation of chips do not end here, the third step and final step which is salting is doused across the potato chips. It is a well-known fact that salt makes someone crave on an unbelievable level. The component that hits the tongue makes it have a terrific sensation or reaction in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Food Addiction / Chemicals Making Food Addictive / Potato Chips Research Paper.
“Food Addiction / Chemicals Making Food Addictive / Potato Chips Research Paper”, n.d.
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