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Fast Food Nation and How It Affected Eating and Shopping Habits - Coursework Example

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The paper "Fast Food Nation and How It Affected Eating and Shopping Habits" states that it is hard to differentiate natural foods and the organic foods offered by fast-food chains and the only way to avoid the artificial flavors is to cook food from home and particularly avoid certain foods like meat…
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Fast Food Nation and How It Affected Eating and Shopping Habits
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Extract of sample "Fast Food Nation and How It Affected Eating and Shopping Habits"

Download file to see previous pages As suggested by Schlosser, ‘we are what we consume’, from my own evaluation, my fast food expenditure is more than consumption on any other commodity including books, movies and other materials. Schlosser conducted research on fast food and made conclusions that are relevant in what is observed in today’s eating habits and fast food (Luke 58). He has described how the fast food industry has changed America into a fast food nation, reading his book does not leave the reader without reconsidering his/her eating and shopping habits.
This study explores the book on fast food nation written by Eric Schlosser with an aim to explore how his views have influenced my eating and shopping habits. The main aim of the study is to identify how fast food views as described by Schlosser has influenced my eating and purchasing decisions, how I consume it, whether I consumer more or less of organic or the natural foods, the ingredients I consider essential when purchasing food, whether I consume less processed or fully processed food.
For a long time, I have highly consumed fast food; this has mainly been driven by the fact that the food’s taste is good. This has made me for long ignore or not even know the cocktail of various chemicals used to give the food taste and the grisly events involved in slaughterhouses that are most likely to put nasty taste to the burger and the beef. As mentioned by Schlosser my experience of buying and consuming fast food has reached the routine level becoming unexceptionally mundane. The various risks or undesirable effects associated with fast food is now ignored and taken for granted, eating fast food has now become a social custom. Fast food industry began as a handful of hamburger and hot dogs in South California, today, fast food is served in stadiums, restaurants, zoos, schools, airports, and universities, in trains, on a cruise, ships, supermarkets, petrol stations, hospital cafeterias, and aeroplanes (Schlosser 55).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Fast Food Nation and How It Affected Eating and Shopping Habits Coursework.
“Fast Food Nation and How It Affected Eating and Shopping Habits Coursework”.
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... Fast Food Nation In his book Fast Food Nation (2001), Eric Schlosser argues that fast food has greatlyinfluenced American society and culture. As he discusses the development of the nation in relation to the development of the fast food chains, Schlosser begins to paint a picture of how philosophies introduced within organizations such as McDonalds have served to reduce the general quality of life for the average American in a variety of areas. Not only have they served to undermine traditional American values, but fast food organizations and business concepts they’ve introduced have also served to reduce our access to basic human rights, devaluing our social expectations through their influence into the very fabric of our knowledge...
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According to the conclusion from the overall analysis of the book, certain comprehensive understanding can be gained regarding the impacts of fast-food products on the health of the people with context to the scenario of America as an example. It has been noted that people open experiences with the disease of obesity while consuming fast-food products. Additionally, cases of food poisoning owing to the consumption of fast-food products are also an evident scenario that can be apparently viewed while analyzing the book of Schlosser named “Fast Food Nation”.
the paper talks that during the research of Schlosser, the author preferred to visit reputed food outlets in order to obtain a complete and a clear understanding about fast...
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In the introduction of the book, Schlosser introduces the thesis of the whole book, which revolves around the issue of fast food and the draw-back of this growing industry in the United States. Historically, fast food appeared in the United States as a reflection of the rapid rhythm of life. With the triumph of materialism and industrialization in the country, people’s lives have become too intense to find enough time to eat well-cooked healthy meals at homes or in restaurants.
To visualize the degree to which fast food has spread in the culture of the United States, Schlosser uses the symbol of Cheyenne Mountain, which "sits on the eastern slope of Colorados Front Range." The importance of this mountain lies in the fact that...
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How Fast Food Nation has chancged MY personal eating and shopping habits and WHY

... book, I’ve started retrospecting my eating habits, finding that Schlosser’s view of fast food has influenced my eating and purchasing decisions. In particular, I’ve started thinking of the kind of food I eat, the way it is processed, and how much organic food I consume. Like most other Americans, the huge volume of fast food advertising has used to attract me blindly to consume this kind of food. As argued by Schlosser, the harsh competition among fast food companies in the United States pushes them to use advertising heavily in order to attract more and more customers. Although fast food advertising is directed to all kinds of people, kids and adolescents are specially targeted in order to promote this kind of food among them. As kids...
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n enough to power small city; underground water reservoirs with gallons in the millions; fitness center; barbershop, dentist’s office, a chapel and cafeteria. Once in a while, the cafeteria food bores those in the base and they often order out, Domino pizzas often among the menu.
The base, an operations center, tracks all objects that enter North American airspace and it is at the heart of the nation’s early warning system. Should, therefore, God-forbid, Armageddon ensue, future archeologists would find among the rubble not only military hardware, but other clues to our civilization’s character – Big King wrappers, Barbeque Wing bones, red, blue and white parts of a pizza box from Domino’s among others (Schlosser 2).
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...Fast Food Nation Fast food has become a part of modern life and Western culture, owing to its wide-spread influence nowadays. As it is easily-accessible and appealing to the taste-buds, people find it convincingly fitting to their busy lifestyle. The idea of having high production and speedy preparation at low costs has made fast foods to be famous across the globe. Fast Food Nation is a book about the fast food industry, written by an American investigate journalist, Eric Schlosser. The book reveals the dark side of the fast food industry, which is influencing the food habits of many, causing obesity, nutrition issues and other health problems to the consumers. Beyond these health consequences, fast food industry has been accountable...
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Fast Food Nation The article is about the history of fast food industries and its pioneers in America. The first chapter talks about Carl Karcher, who was one of the industry’s founders. In the initial pages of the chapter the author diverts from the topic of the article. He talks about the history of Carl. For instance, the author talks about the birth of Carl in Upper Sandusky in Ohio in his father’s agricultural farm (Schlosser 13). The article also talks about Carl’s journey to California and Anaheim where he married Margaret Heinz. Throughout his visits to the town, the audience realizes that people relied on Agriculture as their source of food. There were many orange farms. Local farmers also kept animals such as cattle and...
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...Sociology Na ye Soc 357 Exam 2 04-08 In the book “Fast Food Nation”, Eric Schlosser says that fast food culture has speeded the milling of our scenery, broadened the gap between well of and poor, and spread American culture abroad. He argued that fast food has proven to be a revolutionary force in American life. “What people eat has always been determined by a complex interplay of social, economic, and technological forces.” (Schlosser, 2001) Fast food has become irreplaceable for Americans. People spend more money on fast food than on the computer, movies, books, newspapers, and new cars. Based on the reason more and more people love to eat fast food, fast food restaurants get expanded quickly in United States. Within the extraordinary...
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