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E-Cigarettes - Essay Example

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The paper is discussing the new controversial product such as Electronic Cigarette. It is popular among young people and is still unanswered in term of its healthy or unhealthy status. …
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Extract of sample "E-Cigarettes"

Download file to see previous pages Article number one, “Use of E- Cigarettes Rises Sharply Among Teenagers, Report says” by Sabrina Tavernise and article number two, “Teens use e-cigarettes for ‘dripping,’ study says” By Susan Scutti both cover the topic of E-Cigarettes usage. In the articles, the authors both include data, research, opinions, and more. Writers Sabrina Tavernise and Susan Scutti use many strategies to persuade and pass a meaningful message to the readers. Each article covers the facts and data of E-Cigarette usage as well as portraying the message that their simply just isn’t enough data and research collected yet on the topic. Although article number two leans more towards the innocent positive side of the topic, from my understanding both authors weren’t sure if E-Cigarettes had a positive or negative effect on youths and people around the globe. In order to portray their message, each author used Logos. Logos relies on logic and reason. Both authors used Logos by including the old and current data as well as showing visuals and adding quotes and opinions by reliable people in the community. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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