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The paper "My Personal Experience about Immobility " discusses that it was explained to the author that the inflammation is necessary and the body’s reaction to healing itself.  The leg inflamed itself because blood clots go to the fractured area to do a clean-up…
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My Personal Experience about Immobility
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 My personal experience of immobility was when I broke my leg when I was still a kid. I broke my leg when I lost control of the bike I was riding. I feel off badly to the point that I broke my leg because the bike was just too big for me and it was going down fast (on a downhill slope).
Cytokine cascade follows and put in the repair cells in the gap caused by the fracture. These cells immediately begin to differentiate into specialized cells that build new bone tissue (osteoblasts) and new cartilage (chondroblasts). Over the next few months, these cells begin the repair process, laying down new bone matrix and cartilage. At this initial stage, osteoclast cells dissolve and recycle bone debris (American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, 2009).
As far as I can remember, my foot was cemented for twelve weeks and I was immobile for the whole time. Read More
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