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How to Learn Other Languages and Be Able to Communicate with People from Different Backgrounds - Personal Statement Example

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The paper 'How to Learn Other Languages and Be Able to Communicate with People from Different Backgrounds' presents his or her life in a Chinese family and who was brought up in the capital city of China, Beijing. The author describes education in local schools and studying local languages…
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How to Learn Other Languages and Be Able to Communicate with People from Different Backgrounds
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Extract of sample "How to Learn Other Languages and Be Able to Communicate with People from Different Backgrounds"

Download file to see previous pages Our teachings became focused on the English language. I was required to learn English for most of my classes and build a good grasp over the same. Back home, not many people were well-versed with the language, although I was immensely helped by my siblings. They assisted me in correcting grammatical errors and also my diction to some extent. I had to work hard in order to master the language as I had begun late in middle school.
As I moved to University, I chose Human Resource Management as my major subject and received an education in English. Here, I was introduced to individuals from diverse backgrounds and realized that English was a common language that was necessary for communicating with most people. This was when I felt the need to learn English so as to be able to get a job with a multinational company and also grow within the workplace. Communication is an important tool for performing job tasks or even completing the work, where language plays a vital role.
As I grew up, I had realized that it was not sufficient to be able to merely speak English. English was a global language, which is necessary for holding communication so as to be competitive in the job market as well as to conduct successful business dealings. For the purpose, I established a few short-term goals for myself towards language improvement (Bohlander and Snell, 2004).
Measurable: In order to measure my attempts, I made it a point to read one chapter of grammar each day and apply the learning in my daily reading of 5 pages of English fiction. To supplement my reading, I listened to several English audio tracks over the television through movies.
I would like to take up the position of a human resource manager when I enter into the job field and therefore, would like to train myself to become suitable for such a position and responsibilities associated. 
Through the questionnaire survey, I found that I prefer more of the auditory learning style compared to kinaesthetic or visual styles.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(How to Learn Other Languages and Be Able to Communicate with People fr Personal Statement, n.d.)
How to Learn Other Languages and Be Able to Communicate with People fr Personal Statement.
(How to Learn Other Languages and Be Able to Communicate With People Fr Personal Statement)
How to Learn Other Languages and Be Able to Communicate With People Fr Personal Statement.
“How to Learn Other Languages and Be Able to Communicate With People Fr Personal Statement”.
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