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An Argument Supporting a Thesis on the Effective Use of English - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: An Argument Supporting a Thesis on the Effective Use of English Learning to use the English language effectually and perfectly is pertinent in the modern era. The English language has been exceedingly common language in the globe for decades…
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An Argument Supporting a Thesis on the Effective Use of English
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"An Argument Supporting a Thesis on the Effective Use of English"

Download file to see previous pages Additionally, whenever a person wishes to travel to a place in the globe, they have to communicate throughout their journey. For instance, if a person does not understand the language at a place in the globe, he or she would communicate their concerns to those inhabitants through talking English. If we could imagine of a person who does snot confer the English language travelling to a distant land whose language they may not understand, they would find it extremely intricate to express their sentiments. Thus, it is a benefit to learn and comprehend the English language. Communicating in English with a foreigner would be an easy thing to do, since numerous people have an understanding of English. This explicates on the reason behind why most media publications are expressed in the English language. These publications include newspapers, magazines and broadcasts. If one gets a magazine or newspaper and are interested in reading it, he or she would pick it and start reading. If they do not understand the English written in the initial sentences, they would stop reading the newspaper. Another advantaged person with prior knowledge of English would read it comfortably. Tan has communicates in different English languages, something that she notes peculiar (Tan). She asserts, “It has become our language of intimacy, a different sort of English that relates to family talk, the language I grew up with.” Thus, the truth that her environment implicated on her English quality proves that backgrounds immensely contribute to incompetence in talking in effective and perfect English. In the case of immigrants from a distant country seeking, employment or residence in a neighbouring country, prior knowledge of the English language would aid them in interacting with workmates or neighbours. Since English appears to be the most commonly used language for instruction and communication in workplaces, it is pertinent and an added advantage if the immigrant understood how to communicate effectively in the language. Knowledge of English as an instruction language would minimize erring and people would interact effectually with their counterparts. Ability to organize themselves coherently in communication of their sentiments to their counterparts or fellow people, immigrants can be at a merit. For instance, Rodriquez had an immense challenge in speaking English and was disadvantaged when communicating with other English speakers. He asserts that they had to bend lower to hear what he was saying properly (Rodriques 154). This shows how important English language is for immigrants, since Rodriquez must have communicated in English to express his sentiments. Additionally, those immigrants who are in the process of seeking employment in chief industries or companies would have an advantage if are conversant with English speaking. Conversely, their counterparts who have no experience in communicating in English fluently would have a hard time procuring employment. This means that English speakers are at an elevated advantage than those who are not competent in the English language. Because effectual communication is a pertinent activity when operating in the workplace, people who can communicate effectively in English always have an added advantage than their counterparts. In the case of Malcolm X, he felt that he was having difficulties even in writing a simple letter to Muhammad (Malcolm X). He was overly frustrated and could not articulate himself properly and effectively. However, his prison ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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