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The Hero of American Fantasy: Rebel in Search of Cause - Thesis Example

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Several aspects are considered like the uniqueness of American culture, its mythmaking tradition, the theory of Hero’s Journey, the modern myth making tradition of American fiction, common…
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The Hero of American Fantasy: Rebel in Search of Cause
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Extract of sample "The Hero of American Fantasy: Rebel in Search of Cause"

Download file to see previous pages aspects of the topic selected for investigation and it reveals the importance of the mythmaking tradition in American context and its influence on other cultures using different media. The data analysis section deals with the available information related to the topic selected for the research. The main result is that the American culture, especially its literature, political theories, economics, morals and beliefs deeply influence other cultures and this prove that America has its own culture especially related to its mythmaking tradition. Moreover, the thesis provides an insight to issues related to cultural influence and the importance of literature in culture.
6. The African-American Science Fiction/Fantasy…………………………………….. Chapter IV………………………………………………………………………………………45
The literary history of American civilization is very much related to the age of colonization which is associated with the tradition of English Literature. But the rich literary tradition of the ancient civilization existed in the American continent added some distinctive but unique features to the genre of American fantasy fiction. For instance, the distinctive elements and features of ‘Sword & Sorcery’ genre is totally indebted to the American mythology with its own distinctive elements and unique features. The criticism that the United States is a cultural desert and its literary tradition is indebted to the settlers from Europe and other parts of the world is without any solid proof. But, the influence of colonization over the American continent is evident in the earlier literary works because the readers or audience of literature were the Europeans and colonists. One can easily identify that the American society is an amalgamation of multilingual, multicultural and multiracial factors and it symbolize the rich literary tradition. The unique but broad history of American literary tradition ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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