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My Life Experiences and Concepts - Personal Statement Example

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In the paper “My Life Experiences and Concepts” the author analyzes a Reflective essay which can be defined as an essay which deals with personal life. The author will start with his Schooling, his school life in which he has learned and experienced many things…
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My Life Experiences and Concepts
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Extract of sample "My Life Experiences and Concepts"

Reflective Essay A Reflective essay in my view can be defined as an essay which deals with the personal life Experiences of a person who is writing it and as it is also defined as a very good opportunity for a writer to look
back on all of his/her experiences & concept learned and all the good & bad work done through which one has
learned. As asked about the life experiences and concepts that I have learned in my life, I will start with my
Schooling, my school life in which I have learned and experienced many things from kindergarten to the 10th
grade which are helpful to me until now. As I remember one of the experiences with teachers in 6th grade, one
of them always use to scold students of her class that they don not take her subject seriously and always said
that they will not be promoted in their life and another teacher of same standard use to appreciate all the
Students and help them in their problems and she also told an incident of a student of our school who was
Absolutely not good at studies and left the school, but after that he was the one who invented the smallest
Refrigerator one could ever see, by this I understood one thing that we should never underestimate any one
whether he/she is good at studies or not, we should always see that we help them in studies, help them in
finding their hidden talent and this increases our own knowledge too. We should also not forget the examples of
Great scientist, though they were not very good at their schooling but they invented and discovered many things
which are helpful to us even now, one of the best examples for the Great Scientist is of Sir Thomas Elva Edison.
Some of the other good and bad things I learned from my collies, friends, classmates, seniors and teacher are
about spending life our own way, taking decisions for further studies and other major things. The most
important thing a child, a student, a person does in his life is friendship, one should always make his friend with
a person who is good nature and helping but making friend also depend on the mentality of that person. Another
common most effect on the students in a school or either in a college is taking decision for the further studies,
few people think that friend circle spoils a child but it also helps him/her in many things, I can say that they are
friend circles which are good and also bad but it only depends on us that we should decide which is good and
which is bad and this also purely depends on the characteristic attitude of a persons mind.
In my school life I have only learned things what to do and what not to do,
who can be a good friend, who can be a nice, supporting and helping teacher. I have only learned and
Experienced many things I did not make a good friend but I think I know who can be a good friend a good
Supporter. School is a place where children learns and grow up completely and it is the responsibility of parents
that they put their child in the right place which means in the correct and a good school most of the small
decision which decides a child’s future are also taken by parents and we should not forget that our major
decision decides our child future, a couple should always see that they don not take divorce which is a
disgusting thing people do and they only think of themselves.

Now speaking of my intermediate (Junior College) life in
which I learned only one thing that I should not be dependent on any one, I met students who were ungenerous
not even kind enough to help others. I only learned how to understand such kind of people and stay away from
them. I experienced thing slowly as they occurred in my life. Before we proceed further I must discuss an
important concept of decision making which comes often in our life, it starts when we complete our schooling,
we have to decide that what subjects we should take for further studies and here is a place where parents play an
important role in helping their child. One should never force his ward to take a subject in which he/she is not
interested this finishes interest in studies, though parents think better for their children’s but they should also see
that their child is interested in that or not, and if one is allowed to make his own decision he/she should make a
wise decision and we should always decide wisely because at that is time which decides our future, we should
see that what we choose should fit our financial condition, for example a child whose father is a small clerk and
earn only enough to fulfill small needs and do not have a good back ground (bank balance, property) should not
take his career as a business men, I mean to say that where will he get money for running a business. We should
choose a subject which we can study easily and it should help in future; one should not follow his friend if the
friend is going the wrong way or if he can do it and you cannot. After the Junior college life we step into our
Graduation where we meet different kind of people out of which some will always be with us our whole life and
some become good friends. Graduation is place where we go as a Mature Student and come out as a Mature
Human Being, Professional and Graduate. These four years of my Graduation are the best years of my complete
education from the beginning I have experienced and enjoyed a lot of things in these four years of studies and
this four years have integrated my life personally, Academic and professionally.

By this I can say that there are times in people’s life in which they experience all the
Good thing at one time and bad things at the other, but for some people all the things happens simultaneously
through which they learn a lot. I experienced thing slowly as they occurred in my life and the experiences which
I had in school and junior college is helpful to me in graduation, these four years I will never forget. My
Conclusion is that they are different kinds of people who meet different kinds of other people who will always
be with them from beginning or some make friends very late; some are alone always until they are married. The
things we experience from the beginning are always helpful to us our entire life by some or the other way. We
should always be taking good decision in our life, which should be helpful in future to us.
I have taken my own life experiences for the references. Read More
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