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Reflective piece - Essay Example

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Without the, effective communicative, process, the rules of presenting a properly written piece may not be delivered to the desired level. However, with the needed direction…
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Reflective piece
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Extract of sample "Reflective piece"

Download file to see previous pages With the majority of the provision placed on the desire to offer a level of language learning to match the needed standard, the grades of a student are elevated to deliver success. These have been the principles that have inspired my learning abilities as I chose to join the university. English language has been the mostly applied international language in understanding given information and completing successful course selection. I have always wanted to become a professional writer and an advanced analyst of given compositions that are based on the English language (Chan and Lutovich 28). With the Expository writing course, the advancement of these needed traits has been harbored to boost my morale and the attributes needed to deliver success. I had joined the university with the motive to advance both my English language and become successful in the course that I had needed to complete to becoming an advanced graduate. When I initially took the writing course at the commencement of the semester, I held the idea that the language learning would be an easy task, but the process proved cumbersome and difficult. However, with more exercises and tasks to be completed, I have advanced in my writing and thinking abilities to become better at the English language (Bullock, Goggin, and Weinberg 18). Although there is difficulty in mastering writing and comprehension ability, the course has proved to be the ideal tool in developing the language attributes.
The expository writing course had presented the challenge to present mastery on six leading areas in language mastery. The leading attribute that I had managed to acquire was in the article comprehension and writing. With the input in the articles that I had managed to write, I learnt the importance of presenting my ideas in an organized manner. The introductory paragraph had been the most challenging with difficulty presented in the research ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The concept of the theory is defined by Higgins; Moore (2000: p.179) as the creation of relationships among two or more concepts to form a specific view of a phenomenon. As constructions of our minds, theories provide explanations about our experiences of phenomena in the world. The understanding provided by theories is of two types: explanatory or predictive. In nursing, theoretical thinking u...
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In addition to the systematic course approach, I have also learned a lot from self-reflection allowed by assigned writing projects. Most importantly, I have come to appreciate the notion that, irrespective of the actual writing project and format applied, understanding proper techniques that make for good writing can enable one to create properly crafted and understandable work. The essays compiled in this portfolio demonstrate the progress I have made thus far, and I believe that the subsequent critical analysis of the four writing outcomes illustrates this improvement as well.
In consideration of the first outcome, I was expected to showcase knowledge of various strategies that writers make use of, in different contexts of...
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