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The need for London Experience to develop the talents of its human resource, for future advantage - Essay Example

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In this paper, the proponent discusses in particular the need for London Experience to develop the talents of its human resource, for future advantage. Financial performance of the company and including customer feedbacks are interrelated making them very important in business to be taken into account…
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The need for London Experience to develop the talents of its human resource, for future advantage
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Extract of sample "The need for London Experience to develop the talents of its human resource, for future advantage"

Download file to see previous pages The intention of this study is London Experience that owns and runs three visitor attractions in Central London which include the City Heritage Museum, the London Underworld Experience, and London Tour Buses. The London Experience employs only 200 regular employees and additional 300 people will be employed on contractual basis during peak seasons. This means that in times like this, the company needs to employ at least 600 personnel. As a company handling visitor attractions in Central London, London Experience usually tries to conduct half-day classroom-based introduction and followed by on-the-job training with its newly hired personnel. The hiring process within London Experience is not that complex because the General Manager just conducts informal interviews at each of the attractions. Not only that, short-term contracted people are recruited through word of mouth. These all lead to some important problems or issues facing London Experience at the very moment that need to be elaborately considered. Recently, among the problems facing London Experience are complaints about communication difficulties, poor language skills, poor customer service and lack of knowledge of the attractions. All of these hinder the main objective of London Experience to substantially bestow the best experience they could provide with their visitors. As a result, having these specific problems, London Experience is eventually providing only a less value for the satisfaction of their visitors. In other words, based on the point of view of customer satisfaction, London Experience substantially is giving poor value for its customers. This should give them proper guidance on the assessment of their service quality. From the point of view of Parasuraman, Ziethmal and Berry in measuring service quality, London Experience at the very moment is at the level in which there is a need to realise the service quality gap that exists between expected service and perceived service of their visitors (University of Florence, 2008). In other words, prior to understanding the expected service of the visitors, the management of London Experience should primarily consider its external communication to visitors and the word of mouth, their personal needs and past experience. These are all determinants of perceived service quality (Ryan, 2002). The value of communication The increase of level in business determines the increasing importance of communication (Singla, 2009). In other words, communication remains an integral part of every business as it continues to be advantageous in it. In line with this, business requires people with good communication skills (Lesikar and Flatley, 2002). External communication to its visitors is important in the case of London Experience because it determines what the visitors expect to be the kind of service they would receive. As a result, London Experience needs to develop personnel with substantially good communication skills. This particularly applies to personal communication in which the primary function is to ensure direct flow of information or message from one person to another. There are different types of interpersonal communication and these include interpersonal, group and mass communication (Smith, 2004). Recently, it is most familiar to come up with mass communication as it is capable of addressing important desires and needs of an individual or the masses and businesses (Smith, 2004). This may apply to both London Experience ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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