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Training Module - Assignment Example

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Training Module 1. Revised Version of Assignment 3 In relation to revise assignment 3, it can be viewed that the report has provided adequate information concerning the training plan of Tesco. However, additional details can be included in order to make the proposal more effective…
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Training Module
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Download file to see previous pages With regard to project management timeline, it can be apparently observed that there pertain numerous scopes as well as risks relating to the development of the training plan. In this regard, the scopes might encompass generation of greater customer value and employee motivation among others. On the other hand, the risks might comprise having negative attitude towards the organization and unwillingness of the leaders among others. It is to be stated that different sorts of activities like interactive learning, demonstrations and analysis of case studies can be executed in order to make the training plan more effectual for Tesco. 2. Identification and Rationale of the Goals/Objectives Goals/objectives in the training module are the major considerations that can support an organization to accomplish its desired expectations (Gullett & Bedi, 2007). Therefore, following are the major objectives that require to be undertaken in order to build an effective training module. Increasing Productivity Increasing productivity will be a primary objective of the overall training module which can eventually enable Tesco to strive the capability of each individual employee within the organization. The main reason behind this objective is to maintain and develop the present brand position along with long-term sustainability of the organization in the highly competitive retail industry (Koller,Harvey, & Magnotta, 2010). Establishing Communication between Employees and Working Environment The objective of establishing effective communication between the personnel and the working environment can deliver adequate support to an organization towards developing the performance level of each individual. The rationale of this particular objective is to increase the amount of coordination amid the employees and raise operational effectiveness by a greater level (Wilson, Stine & Bowen 2009). Minimizing Cost and Time Cost and time minimization is often regarded as the major goals of training module that can enable an organization to increase its revenue and accomplish superior competitive position over its chief business market participants. In terms of rationale, it can be affirmed that the objective of minimizing cost and time has been taken into concern for Tesco due to the augmentation of extreme business market competition in the respective industry and alterations in the business environment (Wilson, Stine & Bowen 2009). 3. Outcomes and Rationale of the Training Module In relation to the proposed training module for Tesco, it can be anticipated that three major outcomes can significantly reinforce the performance of the organization. The potential outcomes from the training module have been discussed in the following section. Adequate Control of the Process The training module concerning electronic and online technological aspect can improve the capability of Tesco to obtain greater control and efficiency in its overall operational as well as functional process (Ellis, 2009). Increase Knowledge and Capability The training module concerning electronic and online technology can emphasize upon providing greater scope for innovation and also formulating effective ways to meet the ultimate objectives of the organization at large (Ellis, 2009). Productive Working Environment The nature of the proposed training module can be recognized as that it has been designed to make aware the employees to become much ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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