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PATIENT RECOVERY PROGRESS REPORT TRAINING ANALYSIS Name Institution Date Gaps and Needs I have been working in one of the medical facilities in Illinois, Chicago as the lead gynecologist. In the past five years that I have served in this hospital, I observed a worrying trend in record taking by nurses on the medical progress of the patients…
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PATIENT RECOVERY PROGRESS REPORT TRAINING ANALYSIS Gaps and Needs I have been working in one of the medical facilities in Illinois, Chicago as the lead gynecologist. In the past five years that I have served in this hospital, I observed a worrying trend in record taking by nurses on the medical progress of the patients. Most of the nurses exhibit some clear reluctance or ignorance about taking notes on the way the clients are responding to medication each moment. This has cost the hospital management a lot in terms of legal battles with patients and difficult y in billing process. In many instances, patients’ conditions have always changed without any report from the side of the nurse attending to the patient and this has cost life that would otherwise be saved. Owing to the large number of expectant mothers’ admissions into the facility, it is noted that any failure on the part to report on their changing recovery status would lead to worse outcomes. By observing any marginal change in the behavioral and physical condition on the patients, the nurses could help the administration and relevant departmental heads to respond with the aim of making an immediate resolution. This is not only important to the hospital fir administrative purposes but equally ethical as a critical aspect of healthcare profession. The general challenge leading to this type of outcome is the lacking initiative by the hospital’s management to train the nurses on the importance of such an exercise and limited resources to that effect. It comes from the highest hierarchy of management and therefore need for thorough training of the entire workforce of the hospital in shifts. It is only possible to provide relevant record taking materials after training the staff and imparting the spirit of ethical nursing practices. Course Design and Objective The above discussed concerns can be eliminated by having all medical staff and the management team, who interacts with patients and do not currently take the client’s recovery progress report, attend a three hour training program. The cost of the program will be determined by each attending individual’s own salary since they will be spending these two hours away from their regular work schedule and the hospital will likely be losing productivity during this time. The analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluate costs will be relatively low as this training module can be completed with a power point presentation, handouts and free YouTube videos as aids in the training program. The performance objective of the patient recovery progress report training module is for each attending nurse or other medical officers to be given a random report writing procedure on the observed changes of a patient and the mode of reporting this to relevant authorities within the laws and regulations of nursing and healthcare practices within a testing period of 10 minutes. This program will be completed in a training classroom setting with up to 5 students per class, a tablet, writing materials and watch for each student, and one trainer. The training program will be offered on the continual basis once a week and will alternate each week from a morning and afternoon class, in order to accommodate every staff’s scheduling needs. Other resources that will be needed are a projector and a separate computer with internet access for displaying power point presentations and YouTube videos to the class. Goals and Evaluation After viewing the power points and the videos, students will be given 20 minutes for hands on practice and questions before taking the test. For the test, each student will be given an hypothetical patient reaction and behavioral change phases with relevant report writing materials and will have to 1) make observation on cases of changes (the changes must be realistic and warrant report to be taken to management immediately), 2) take down notes amid medical attention to the patient, and 3) be able to relay this information with the urgency it requires within a time frame of 5 minutes. The feedback from the module will be instantaneous. If a student is not able to do all three of the aforementioned tasks within the allotted time, they will be required to attend the training module again until they can complete all three tasks in the 5 minute time period. Audience The students will range from the junior nurses to senior medical specialists who form the cream of the management team in the hospital. Learners will be exclusively medical professionals employed in the hospital with the minimum academic achievement authorized by the national department of medical services. The types of instructional methods will be visual, auditory and hands on practical application. It is advisable that those attending should have basic computer skills and be an active employee of the facility registered by the relevant national board on nursing practice in order to attend this training program. Those that are new to using computers or have had limited exposure with computers may experience a fair challenge with respect to taking notes maybe on a laptop or other digital recording equipment. But, this should not inhibit the student from being able to complete this training module. Students with less experience may need the entire 20 minutes to complete all tasks required in the test; whereas, those who shows faster mastery and internal motivation to achieve may need less time to complete the test. Any nurse or medical officer student attending the course that has some form of physical or learning disabilities that might hinder them in this module, will be taken into consideration on an individual basis and should be brought to the trainer’s attention prior to attending this program. All efforts will be made to assist these employees, as needed. Results Upon successful completion of the program, employees should not have any problems writing patient progress report. This program will save the hospital money and resources by eliminating the cost of legal battle with patients who suffers from negligence and reduce the cases of billing problem by the financial department in the hospital Read More
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