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This paper under the title "Time Management for Students" focuses on the fact that the training is set to take place at the University of Findley. The training is created for students of college and universities and those students who are studying and working together. …
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Time Management for Students
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Download file to see previous pages     The two hours training module aims to firstly provide a self-assessment for students to identify if they are working beyond their capacities, thus leading to potential burn out. After that, it aims to provide them with a small lecture through powerpoint on the importance of time and methods of time management. The students will then apply these concepts in their group activities, and will then be evaluated by the rest of the participants, thereby learning best time utilization practices.
Students often complain of too many things demanding attention for their time, with very less time left to relax or rest. This translates into stress and reduced work performance in all areas of life, leading to an overall decrease in the quality of life. This then leads to students feeling bad about themselves, or inadequate to manage things in the appropriate manner. Time management and learning the importance of time are the key elements that distinguish successful students from the less successful ones. The training aims to highlight some of the key areas in successful time management.
Organizing things in life is not only a way to keep one’s room clean but also a need to keep the mind at rest. An organized system around a person allows for clarity of thought and action. It helps the person focus on one thing at a time, and in this way ensure that that particular area of life receives full focus.
The topic was decided primarily due to a large proportion of students stating that they do not know how to balance the different elements of their life in an appropriate manner. For this reason, it was thought that a good way to teach time management skills would be to educate them in a non-traditional classroom format. For this reason, the use of powerpoint which would the primary source of instruction was complemented by other aids.
The initial test would be a good starting point to gain student attention, and the initial and after the training evaluation of the test by the student himself would allow him to see how and where he is making mistakes in time management and how he can improve it.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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