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Should College Students Do Part Time Jobs - Essay Example

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This essay will assess the negatives and positives of college learners taking part in part-time jobs. The essay will take the stand that college learners ought to be given a chance to engage in any activities that would give them an extra coin to fulfill their needs.
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Should College Students Do Part Time Jobs
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Extract of sample "Should College Students Do Part Time Jobs"

Download file to see previous pages As seen in the work of Halonen & Santrock, college students should work as this exposes them to the available job market without difficulties (83). It is evident that in the present-day world, work experience is vital for any job seeker. Here, it is useful for college students to begin working as early as possible so as to gain the experience required from the job market. Through this, their resumes will have an added advantage over students who opt to complete their education first then work later. The authors continue to argue that such learners will impress their employers as they get impressed with their diligence and willingness to put into practice the theoretical work taught in the classroom setting as early as possible (Halonen & Santrock 84).
Secondly, students ought to work whilst in college as they learn responsibilities at a tender age. Through work, students understand the commitments expected of them especially of work and how they should meet the same. Halonen & Santrock recommend time management for students who opt to engage in income-generating activities while in school (83). In this case, the learners are also able to acquire the skills required in management as well as build their character that is a prerequisite for future employment. Such a student is, therefore, a diversified one that is able to fit in the market. This is because they have made connections with business persons in the line of their profession who have trained them well. In the course of seeking employment, this individual stands a better chance than other competitors who have the same qualifications but do not have the required experience (Halonen & Santrock 85).
Part-time jobs that are related to the students’ careers have trained the learners to be better time managers. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Should College Students Do Part Time Jobs Essay.
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