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Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA's) statements for employment - Essay Example

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Logistics planning techniques in functional areas of supply maintenance, transportation, contracting, and operations involves the receiving and maintaining cargo and personnel details for UTCs (Unit Type Code) and tasking. The process maintains a detailed cargo records as well…
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Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) statements for employment
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Extract of sample "Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA's) statements for employment"

A. Knowledge to integrate logistics planning techniques in functional areas of supply maintenance, transportation, contracting, and operations.  Logistics planning techniques in functional areas of supply maintenance, transportation, contracting, and operations involves the receiving and maintaining cargo and personnel details for UTCs (Unit Type Code) and tasking. The process maintains a detailed cargo records as well as personnel records and provides a command and control capability through the Deployment Schedule of Events (DSOE) module. In short, logistics planning is a base support process that involves compiling of information, coordinating with UTCs, identifying supply limiting factors and shortfalls and finding alternate support method to enhance the transit of logistical requirements of the operation to ensure that its logistical requirements are met and present when they need it.
B. Knowledge of the Joint Chief of Staff (JCS) operational planning process. 
The Joint Chief of Staff serves as military adviser to the President, SecDef, and the National Security Council (NSC). Its operational planning process involves the preparation of Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan (JSCP) which requires the approval of the Chairman of the JCS. The JSCP contains guidance to combatant commanders and the Service Chiefs for the accomplishment of military tasks. The Combatant Commander’s OPLANs, including the TPFDDs, are also forwarded to the office of JCS for review and approval. The Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff (CJCS) forwards communication and direction from the President and SecDef to the combatant commanders regarding current operations and plans by issuing warning, planning, alert, prepare to deploy, deployment, and execute orders.
C. Ability to develop, write instruct, and evaluate training process. 
Training begins with the identification of the gap between the desired performance and the actual performance and the training itself is the process of filling that performance gap. Training is also essential to accomplishing Air Force’s wartime mission and being such, courses and training should be made available to provide individuals basic operational and wartime planning instruction. Such training module should also be perpetually evaluated for relevance, efficacy, timeliness and result. Perpetual evaluation is necessary to keep training abreast with the need of the time that would keep the Air Force achieve its operational and wartime objectives.
D. Ability to analyze diverse data and formulate into coherent practical operations.
Streams of data must be filtered according to relevance and timeliness to make it useful to practical operation. Information received should be analyzed and sorted retaining only the essentials while considering the propriety of such data. Practicability of data also includes consideration of sensitive data.
In planning for a training module for example, there are diverse data that are available regarding capability enhancement. But regardless of the myriad of such data, it will have no coherent practical operational value unless it serves a certain need. Such, data must be sorted and filtered according to the need that that the information intends to address. For example, if the base support capability is found to be wanting, data relevant to logistics planning, execution and supply chain may considered as an input as one drafts a coherent training plan to address such need. Read More
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Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA'S) Statements for Employment Essay.
“Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA'S) Statements for Employment Essay”, n.d.
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