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The author tells how one day during a class session while at school, one of his classmates fell down and fainted stood to go to the teacher’s desk. Being the only one in class, who took First Aid lessons, the author directed on how his classmates would help and did first aid him before the school nurse came…
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Examples of Leadership Experience
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Insert Insert Insert Examples of my leadership experience One day during a session while at school, one of my classmates fell down and fainted stood to go to the teacher’s desk. Being the only one in my class, who took First Aid lessons, I directed on how my classmates would help and did first aid him before the school nurse came. Impressed by this, other class mates of mine were also motivated to start learning first aid. I influenced them into taking the classes.
I tend to have a special interest in music. Anything that has music on it I will listen to or read it. This can be attributed to how my dad is a guitarist at an international band and since I was a baby he used to play for me his guitar. I have written a few lyrics myself from ideas that run in my mind and through observing the environment around me. I’m currently thinking of learning the piano as it is very interesting and good music can be made from it.
One of the most significant challenges I had to face was when one night as I was reading for my exams the next day, a friend of mine came to me and cried for help as her parents fighting were fighting too much. I stopped reading first and consoled her. I then went to ask for my mother’s advice. My mother decided that my friend would spend the night at our house. This was after mother spoken to her parents.
As a student, I learned that giving back to the community was an important thing. Through our study group, we organized cleaning of the environment at a local estate where we collected and burnt garbage. Another situation was when we went to children’s home at our town to donate clothes and food. I once donated blood for the Red Cross when they came to our school and the most memorable moment was when we went around villages teaching them about hygiene and health.
I once witnessed discrimination taking place in our school. The drama club leader who was the one choosing 10 students out of 30 students for a trip seemed to base his choices on looks. The good-looking ones got all the positions. I responded by confronting him and going to report him to the principal. From here I learned that discrimination is a vice that should not be practiced.
My established goal are, to pass my exams, to always aim for the highest, to succeed in life and be the best at what I do. Ways of accomplishing these goals include working hard in everything I do, giving all I got to everything that I do, having a positive attitude towards life and finally have a mentor. An example that demonstrates my work diligence is the creation of an environment that will support group work and encourage the best performance of an individual. Read More
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(Examples of Leadership Experience Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 17)
Examples of Leadership Experience Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 17.
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