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The Various Behavioral Approaches to Leadership - Essay Example

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This essay describes the various behavioral approaches to leadership show that people oriented and task oriented behaviors are two principal aspects of leadership.The various traits that govern leadership, Mr. Winston is leaders since his behavior portray integrity and extraversion…
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The Various Behavioral Approaches to Leadership
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Extract of sample "The Various Behavioral Approaches to Leadership"

The Various Behavioral Approaches to Leadership
Leadership refers to the act of influencing people to work towards achieving a goal. I think Mr. Winston is an informal leader who influences people through his personal power. Considering the various traits that govern leadership, Mr. Winston is leaders since his behavior portray integrity, intelligence, self-esteem, openness to experience, and extraversion (Northouse 7). Winston does his work whole heartedly and is always willing to make necessary changes as indicated. Wilson is never late for work and as an excellent example does not fail to go to job. In fact, he arrives remarkably early than many of the workers. The various behavioral approaches to leadership show that people oriented and task oriented behaviors are two principal aspects of leadership. Mr. Winston has concern for the people and hence does his work responsibly. He is production-oriented and hence ensures that he meets his duties adequately.
Mr. Winston has characterized himself as a leader since he had pleasant experiences since his birth. He witnessed the whites leave Los Angeles, and the blacks becoming a majority and also experienced riots in the city. He ensured that bitter times did not let him down. He feels that living long lets a person experience everything. He feels that he has gathered a lot of information and hence an experienced man. A leader must possess the self esteem to be successful. One needs to be strong and not be affected by the experiences in the outside world. A leader should also learn for the experiences that one encounters on a daily basis just like Winston. A leader should also walk with upright dignity just like Winston and be confident in themselves and their views. Winston considers himself a leader since he has lived for long and distinguished accomplishments like confronting racism that he experienced as a black.
Where Los Angeles Transit has identified Mr. Winston as a leader, the best leadership theory that would describe Winston’s leadership style is authentic leadership (Northouse 22). In this leadership style, the leaders have a quality of being self aware. They are not afraid of acting in the way they act and also posses’ high levels of personal integrity. This leadership style fits Mr. Winston since he possesses a high level of personal integrity and acts in accordance to his principles that he acquired from his father. He does not mind about what people will think of him but ensures that he follows his own way of life. An authentic leader is also introspective in that one comprehends where they are coming from and retains understanding of their own priorities and values (Northouse 33). Mr. Winston thus qualifies as an authentic leader since he portrays high level of personal understanding observes his values and priorities. For instance, he values work terrifically much and ensures that he gives a priority. This contributes to his loyal attendance to the workplace where he derives his livelihood. He had missed attending for only one day in a period of 76 years when his wife died. This is an indication that he values his job. Winston is confident and is never shy when making his feelings. He gives advice to people in the workplace and at home confidently.
Work cited
Northouse, Peter. Leadership: Theory and Practice. Sage, 2009. Print. Read More
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