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Team Leadership - Coursework Example

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The approach for demonstration will entail the use of leadership approach so as to show the competence of the team. Each of the team members is analyzed below as per…
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Team Leadership
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Extract of sample "Team Leadership"

Download file to see previous pages Demetrice, on the other hand, is: realistic, analytical, logical, can lead a mechanic or business naturally and decisive. She likes organizing and running things. Her possible careers are medical technologists, corporate executive, dentist, teacher or administrator of a health care. Kendrick is gracious, always wants to please and his interpersonal skills are good. He can make a good social worker, nun, childcare worker or an optometrist. Alexander is a private, organized, practical, compulsive and trustworthy individual. He can make a good accountant, office manager, public servant, tax agent or a business manager. Similar to Alexander, I am organized, practical, private, trustworthy and compulsive. I can make a good accountant, office manager, tax agent, business manager or a public servant (Macic and Nutt, 1989).
The fact that there is already a plan in place for the start of the department makes the process urgent. In consideration of the urgency, I do recommend the team that is set forward as the best team for the new market segment. According to the culture of the Company and the group, I do believe it will be easy for us to operate as a team and act as one. This is due to the fact that we have worked as a team before. The mission of the business is good since it is a long term goal that sees to it that the department picks and achieves the target goals. The market strategy and the market mix seem to favor the start of the new department. The department seems to expect no competition in the market since there is no organization that distributes the exact goods and services that are to be provided by the department. In case of the introduction of new competitors in the market, there are a need to develop goods and services of better quality so as to lead the market. The customers are readily available from the field is new in the area, making the market be still virgin. The goods and services to be produced should be aimed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... of team leadership; formal internal leadership, formal external leadership, informal internal leadership and informal external leadership (Velsor et al 2002). This brief insight into team relations and team leadership is important in evaluating the various problems facing Global-tech Company where I happen to work. In the past few months, there have been continuous wrangles within the company teams. This is alarming as the effects of these misunderstandings will soon spill over to the company performance. This is worrying because business has been exemplary given the ensuing economic conditions. The ones active and very motivated teams have slowed down and their morale has taken a dip; differences have emerged on what is wrong...
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