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As a result, it is a multimillion dollar enterprise, one that earns colleges a great part of their income, depending on how popular their…
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Should college athletes be paid to play
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Download file to see previous pages Yet again, not all students are interested in playing sports as a side activity.
Consequently, apart from their initially decided terms of a sports scholarship, they often get little part in the revenue these sports generate for their school. Critics and coaches are, therefore, now arguing in favor of these players saying that they deserve a share of the revenue, as they for the most part contribute towards generating. The debate is a highly heated one with each side feeling just as strongly of their opinion.
The number of college athletes in a particular college can be very significant and all these athletes have a choice of which sport they want to take part at the college level. Some sports may have a high popularity level while others low. Deciding upon paying athletes for playing may compel the college to pay all the athletes for all the different kinds of sports in the college. This may result in heavy payments at the end of the day and it may also reduce the profits earned by the colleges at a massive level.
Those who argue in favor of paying athletes generally say that colleges make millions of dollars off these athletes abilities and, therefore, for them to get no money from it is unfair, and, in a sense, exploitation to them (Haden 673). Without these players there would be no generated money, and without this money, many colleges would be unable to function. Colleges gain popularity at the sports arena due to the talented athletes that represent the college in the sports. Earning by the talent of the athletes and not paying those athletes sounds an unfair practice.
Accordingly, it seems fair to pay to these players, just as any national sports association would pay its players. But, of course, the counter-argument to this claim is that students should be kept away from the business side of a college, regardless of the link between both elements (Parent 226). College level is the stage where the students explore their talents and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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