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Instructor name Date Should College Athletes Get Paid? College athletes are at a decided monetary disadvantage when compared with non-athlete students and consequently should receive at least a small stipend by the university or NCAA…
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Should College Athletes Get Paid
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Download file to see previous pages Setting aside for the now that college athletes who participate in the more popular sports such as football and basketball earn millions of dollars for their respective college and that non-athletic students gain from these financial benefits as well, athletes, by virtue of their demanding schedule, are deprived of the ability to earn while they learn and because of this reason alone should be compensated somewhat. The amount of a stipend is debatable but a reasonable amount of, for example, $200 per month is hardly exorbitant. This discussion will examine the reasons why college athletes receive pay. Both the universities and the NCAA make millions of dollars each winter from the bowl games following the regular football season, a sum that doesn’t include the share individual conferences enjoy. Now add up concession and ticket proceeds, merchandise sales and money gained from corporate sponsorships that without the existence of sports would not be available to a university every year. Those millions come from one month’s revenue from one sport. The college athletes understand that their efforts produce many millions of dollars for their schools but they are not allowed to make even pocket change while giving their all for their team. Athletes are subjected to the most meager of a life under current NCAA rules. Meanwhile, they observe other students with enough spending money at least for an occasional burger and their coach making a multi-million dollar income but know that it is them who are the ones that making the biggest sacrifice. When a college athlete or their family is experiencing financial difficulties as is the instance in many situations, the pressure to leave school to try a professional career is enormous. What would inspire a student-athlete in this predicament to remain in school if they were presented with a chance to earn what even a minor league salary or a backup role at the top league level may offer? Moreover, college athletes face the perpetual threat of a career ending injury. This has ended the dreams of many for a professional career but, more tragically, also ends their academic career too. (Chaisson, 2001). There undoubtedly is a disparity between athletes and non-athlete students which is not in favor of the athlete. For example, college students who are engaged in extracurricular pursuits other than athletics, musicians for instance collect scholarships and can perform for their college’s symphony whether they or not they are academically eligible. They are also able to perform and make money in a professional band or orchestra while enrolled at school. By contrast, if athletes did this, they would lose their scholarship, be kicked out of school and most likely end any chance of playing professional sports. Furthermore, a music student is able to earn a music degree and even for a specific instrument. “A football or basketball major is unheard of, much less a major in playing quarterback or strong forward. Athletes are scrutinized for getting any type of job while on scholarship for their school. Getting paid to play or work in football would be sacrilege” (Chaisson, 2001). Student athletes represent of a unique sector of the school’s population. Much more is required of them. Athletes spend much more time and effort than general population students and are relentlessly challenged with balancing academics, athletics and social ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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