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Should College Athletes Be Paid to Play - Assignment Example

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This paper “Should College Athletes Be Paid to Play?” explicates the reasons why college athletes ought to be paid. It is a common sight today to find people attending soccer and football matches in their free time especially during weekends. In essence, sports are considered recreational activities…
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Should College Athletes Be Paid to Play
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Extract of sample "Should College Athletes Be Paid to Play"

Download file to see previous pages Despite professional sports being a source of income for many athletes, college athletes are not paid. This is termed as exploitation of student-athletes by Sack (93). This paper explicates the reasons why college athletes ought to be paid.
There are opposing arguments that college athletes ought not to be paid to play. For instance, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has implemented policies that do not allow colleges to compensate their athletes for attending their institution other than through covering for their tuition fees or scholarships (Arnold 121). The NCAA also argues that college athletes are not professionals and therefore should not be paid (Arnold 121). Some people conversely argue that the debate to pay college athletes is not justified since they are already benefiting through their scholarships. As other students are paying for their tuition therefore, athletes are not charged anything and thus paying them extra would be unfair to other students.
According to Woods, college sports are a source of income for learning institutions (63). People have to pay in order to be allowed to watch college athletics. In order to maximize their profits, many colleges have invested huge sums of money in constructing stadiums that have the capacity to accommodate thousands of people. Woods further argues that colleges "add to their income through parking fees, concessions, souvenirs, and the luxury boxes that come with substantial fees for alumni or business people who want to entertain clients" (64). Despite these huge profits from athletics, colleges do not pay their athletes. This can be construed as an exploitation of the talents of these athletes.
There is a relationship between sports and the quality of education athletes get. As postulated by Delaney and Madigan, athletes may not achieve the high academic performance they could have otherwise achieved if they were not involved. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Should College Athletes Be Paid to Play Assignment.
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Whichever way the debate goes, the obvious fact is that in man the college sports, the NCAA earns a lot of revenue and as such, a little token of appreciation would be necessary to the contributing athletes. 
The tussle between the NCAA and the college athletes make headlines in April when the Northwestern University Basketball players presented the National Labor Relations Board with a proposal to form a union. The idea of the union is to protest against the NCAA which does not treat them like employee athletes. The debate was further ignited by government officials stating that the NCAA was in no way liable to the students since they were not recognized as employees of the body. The reiterations further claimed that the...
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