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Sport and The British: A Modern History By Richard Holt - Essay Example

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This paper will focus on the history of sport particularly British sport from 1800’s by reviewing Richard Holt’s book, “Sport and The British, A Modern History”. The object of this book is to place sport in the widest possible historical context…
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Sport and The British: A Modern History By Richard Holt
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Download file to see previous pages Our world, physically speaking our globe, since its origination, has been a ‘hotbed’ of activity. Activity in the sense, the central component of the globe, we humans have been showing activeness both physically and mentally, which have transformed our globe from a primitive one to an advanced one. Even though humans show activeness in their daily activities, there will be occasions, when they show activeness in a specific setting, independently or as a team, with certain guidelines and rules. And this specific activity in a specific setting with specific rules is only called the activity of sport. Sports have been imbued with the human activity from time memorial. So, the past history of sports and games dates back or correlate to the history of humankind. The book of Richard Holt “Sport and The British, A Modern History” can be considered a trendsetter of sorts because no other book or literature has brought out a comprehensive history of British sport focussing on the happening periods from 1800’s. That is, 1800’s are the period when British Empire’s imperialist ambitions were in full flow, and so, most of the historical literature concentrated on the British’s imperialist adventures. So, this book is a kind of odd man out, as it concentrated on British’s sporting issues of the same period. But, the important point that should be noted is, sports and sportspersons will not have a different history, but only share their country’s history.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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