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Hundred Years War - Essay Example

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Hundred Years' War is the series of armed war conflict that were faugh between England and France during the time period of 1337 to 1453. "The 'Hundred Years' War' is the name historians have given to a series of related conflicts fought over the course of more than a century between England and France…
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Hundred Years War
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Extract of sample "Hundred Years War"

Download file to see previous pages and Henry VI2. In the Hundred Years' War France and Spain were allied and supported the Scottish cause of independence from the English crown. England was allied with Portugal and Burgundy and controlled large sections of Aquitaine and northern France"3.
The Hundred Years' War was initiated by the King Philip VI of France in 1337 when he stabbed to impound the territories of England which were situated in the southwestern France. The war was ended in 1453 with the victory of France that resulted in expelling of English from the continent. During the war many new weapons and war tactics were used by the French and English army. The historians consider the Hundred Years' War as the most significant conflict of the medieval warfare that further defined the history of both England and France. "The war was consisted of a series of set backs and victories for each side as well as a multitude of shifting alliances between the major and minor powers of Europe in the region"4. "The significance of the Hundred Years' War is the rise of nationalism it engendered, compared to earlier medieval conflicts"5.
The English military secured victories in several battles fought during the war but at times they were also defeated by France. "The war laid waste to much of France and caused enormous suffering; it virtually destroyed the feudal nobility and thereby brought about a new social order. By ending England's status as a power on the continent, it led the English to expand their reach and power at sea"6. The English defeat in Hundred Years' War possesses several important aspects and reasons behind it which are going to be discussed after the background, causes and other information about the war.
About Hundred Years' War
The background for Hundred Years' War was stated preparing 400 years as a result of conflicts occurring between the English and French King. "The conflicts arise because the King of England being a vassal of French King, rules the territory of France more than the King of France himself"7. The French attempted to resolve the problem in three decisive wars including the conquest of Normandy in 1214, The Saintonge War in 1242 and the War of Saint-Sardos in 1324. These wars resulted in the end of English hold on the continent. The conflicts between the two countries grew along with time. "One of the major conflicting issues between England and France was regarding the duchy of Aquitaine which was located in Southwestern France"8. In 1259, the Treaty of Paris designated that Henry III held the duchy as a fief of the French king Charles IV, King of France who will pay liege homage to the king but the situation become complicated with the death of Charles IV, King of France in 1328 without a male heir. Edward III, the King of England claimed that he has a right to take the thorn as his mother was the sister of King Charles. In 1337, the war was started when Edward III raided into French territory and became the King of France. This action of King Edward III initiated the series of war which spread over a century. There were many battles fought during the war period including the Battle of Crecy and Battle of Poitiers which were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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