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Research and Comparing Documentaries - Assignment Example

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Research and comparison of Documentaries Research paper 19/5/2012 1195 words Name: Name of University According to a religious group known as Faith Matters1 , about 70% of young people are converting to Islam at an average age of 27 years. This survey conducted in January 2012 reveals that two thirds of the converts are young women…
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Research and Comparing Documentaries
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Download file to see previous pages Almost 90% of converted women agree that they can dress more conservatively and feel more comfortable with the Hijab. They also give their reasons for conversion as the need to be close to God as they now pray 5 times a day3. Other related sources also show that a third of inmates in British jails are converting to Islam. According to Richard Eddie’s 4book “Black Muslims in Britain”, Malcolm X continues to influence most black men into Islam. Richard’s interviewees reveal that converts appreciate the law of Islam since the law has enabled them to live in the society considered as corrupt and moral. The most interesting stereotype about this religion is how it oppresses women. The religion targets most young men. Recent stories from media in Kenya reveal how the Al-Shabaab militia group recruits young men from East Africa to fight and protect their religion. In “Islam empire of state”, Islamic history and culture shows how the religion has made great contribution in trade, education, scientific theorems, philosophy and medicine. The rapid conversion and growth of the Islam religion is resulting from rapid crusades conducted by Sheikhs. The crusades led to great civilization of the Islam religion in terms of economic and scientific discoveries made during the period of renaissance. According to 5 “what the west needs to know”, Islam is a peaceful religious group and those who fight do so to hide under the religion. The religion perceived as an authoritarian group not only emphasizes that there is no other God but Allah and his prophet Mohamed6. Most of the people targeted by these documentaries are the youth’s especially young men7. The “divine woman” by Bettany Hugdes reveals how Buddhism started with a female. In this documentary, a woman goddess controls life and death. The Durga Puja festival shows the organization of the Hindu religion. Use of art and culture with paintings on the skin of Indian women reveals how important a female is within the religion. The construction and design of the temples brings out rich creativity and architectural work in this religion. The documentaries quote the Quran stating the reason as to why the religion is conflict linked and war bound. The Quran states that one should fight for his own faith. Mohamed himself plays a war oriented leadership role according to his history from Mecca hence the continuous perception of Muslim religion as a conflict religion. The usual suicide bombing and attacks originates from Judaism symbolically fighting paganism. From the documentary “what the west needs to know”, Quran and hadiths encourage the killing of non-Muslims. From the background history of Mohamed, it is evident that he spread his territory through war and his followers did the same to conquer Mecca a city where he was born. Background music used in the documentaries emphasizes the religion. A lot of art 8 observed in the documentaries show the culture of the religion. The style of presentation of the documentaries is both educational and formal. Islam religion is widely publicized and therefore the documentaries try to educate the public on the religion9. The great contribution of Islam into modern civilization and various fields of study such as philosophy, medicine, and trade make the documentaries educative. We also observe the speeches from several leaders used to emphasize the religion. Quotations from the Quran are also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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