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Media power and its Impact on our society - Research Paper Example

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Media power and its impact on society Name: Institution: Media power and its impact on society Media may be defined as a means of mass communication. It can be classified into social media and industrial media (Kietzmann et al, 2011). Social media may be viewed as a group of interactive platforms formed by internet based applications through which individuals and communities create and exchange user generated content…
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Media power and its Impact on our society
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Download file to see previous pages Community media make use of both industrial and social media frameworks. This paper will describe the power of the media and the impact it has on society. The media are an authoritative tool of communication. It helps promote what is right and exposes to the mass audience what is wrong. The media are known for spreading good and bad, true and untrue news in equal measure (Benkler, 2006). Any form of media has a capacity to reach a worldwide audience. However, industrial media use a centralized structure for organization, production, and broadcasting, while social media are less hierarchical in nature, more decentralized, and notable for multiple production and utility points. Industrial media’s means of production is the government or privately owned corporate bodies. The time interval between communications produced by industrial media can range from days to months, and once an article is printed and distributed, changes cannot be made to that same article, but social media can get instantaneous responses, comments and editing (Benkler, 2006). The influence of social media can be felt in businesses. It has changed the way public relations professionals conduct their work by providing an open arena where people freely exchange views on companies, products and brands. It has granted an environment where consumers and public relations professionals can converse. The professionals can, therefore, promote their brands and develop their company’s image through listening and responding to what consumers are saying regarding their products. The media has increased the communication speed and widened connectivity among business organizations and their consumers (Kietzmann et al, 2011). A Web site gives a trading company international presence through internet marketing. For consumers, this has simplified the search for the least prices for goods, making the search quick and affordable. It has shortened the purchase, marketing and selling processes for businesses. Online shopping gives individuals the comfort of shopping from their homes and offices, thanks to the social media. The print media also creates awareness and promotes new products by use of posters and billboards (Kietzmann et al, 2011). In corporate communication, power is shifting from those in public relations and marketing to communities and individuals that create, exchange and use blogs, Facebook entries, tweets, pictures and movies. The term social business is increasingly being used, and it suggests that engagement with social media is significant and affects people working in sales, research and development and human resource management (Kietzmann et al, 2011). Through their reporters and correspondents, the mainstream news media are often the first to arrive at, witness or describe breaking news events, local situations or new developments. Their definition of the situation is the key contributor to shaping the public opinion of what took place. This also displays the power of the media. Television journalism and news media have been in the forefront in shaping the collective memory of America for the larger part of the twentieth century (Kitch, 2002). From the colonial era of the United States, news media and public images have influenced the memory discourse on both national development and trauma. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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