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This essay focuses on the rhetorical situation which plays a significant role in influencing what s written. The rhetorical situation consists of five elements such as the audience, purpose, stance, genre, and the media or design which will all motivate the direction which the writing takes…
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The Rhetorical Situation
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Download file to see previous pages The audience influences the way the author writes, the phrasing of words, and even the genre that will be used. Since the audience influences the direction the writer will have to take, it is essential for the writer to know his audience, and understand them well. All writing is driven by a reason or purpose. There are many reasons that a writer could have for writing, and therefore, it is important for the writer to be clear on why he is writing. Clarity for the purpose of writing will help him structure the writing in a manner that achieves the intended purpose. The expectations of the audience also affect the purposes of writing.
Stance is the attitude that the writer has towards the material in the writing. The stance adopted by the writer will shape, and be evident in the tone used. The stance of the writer will influence the perception of the audience on the subject matter. The stance of a writer is indicated by the choice of words in writing. The relationship between the audience and the writer will influence the position taken by the writer. The genre is the type of text that the writer uses. It could be a short story, a poem, or any other literary writing form the author deems appropriate. Each genre will have specific structural requirements that the writer has o adhere to if he is to be effective in his writing. There are some genres that require certain tones, organization, or strategies for them to be effective.
In considering the media/design in writing, the writer looks at the route that will be used to reach the audience. The media may be verbal or non-verbal, technologically advanced or remote. Every media will have characteristics that make it distinct, and they have to be followed if the media is to be effective in reaching the audience. The design involves the close look at the elements of the text that might need to be designed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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