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I need an about comparison and contrast under this topic (an online class compared to a traditional class ) - Essay Example

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With the various events taking place in different parts of our world today, we could not help being alarmed about certain changes, especially those that have caused negative impact in social, political, cultural, and economic aspects. While this may be attributed to individual…
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I need an essay about comparison and contrast under this topic (an online class compared to a traditional class )
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"I need an about comparison and contrast under this topic (an online class compared to a traditional class )"

Download file to see previous pages Whether a person achieves a good learning experience or not is determined by the factors that affect the employment or administration of teaching, since educational instruments are normally tangible and accessible to students with whom a specific knowledge or training is communicated.
At this stage, the widespread technology logically plays the key role in educating people, for the modern age has proven to have used and modified technology in almost everything that drives our living. It is, however, essential to determine which between an online class and a traditional class delivers the intended results of a quality learning. While classes held online offer learners the convenience to access a wide variety of virtual materials from a range of readable to audio-visual files, how can such setting guarantee focus and diligence with the desired output among the users? On the contrary, though traditional classes facilitate the advantage of enabling students to experience the real environment of proper education in the presence of a teacher and classmates with whom to interact, how would this ensure constant availability of up-to-date academic resources? Comparing these modes of learning is like running through a number of advantages and disadvantages that must be realized in considering either preference.
Through an online community, a learning individual finds oneself in control of one’s pace in coping with studies under the flexibility of accomplishing tasks at the comfort of personal time and place. There is barely a need to rush on reading and responding to assignments based on the required modules or set of online curricular activities. In this manner, students gain knowledge with confidence, aware that the freedom of studying within a comfort zone allows more room for fluid thoughts and thus, better ways by which to express views or insights. This is truly a convenient ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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