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Cause and Effects: Anger Anger is one of the most common and fundamental emotional states. The tendency of an individual to become angry and the extent to which anger can be displayed varies from one individual to another. There is a range of genetic, cultural, and environmental factors that depict the extent to which an individual becomes angry and the level of control over the nerves, mind, and body they display when they are angry…
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Cause and effect essay
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"Cause and effect"

Download file to see previous pages An emotional effect of being angry is pessimism. Anger drives the positivity out of an individual and leaves them emotionally drained. As a result, the outlook of the individual on the world in general and people in particular becomes very pessimistic. While this emotional effect lasts just as long as the anger does, it can cause the individual to make negative moves that they might even regret later. For example, just because of a misunderstood comment on Facebook from an otherwise close friend, the individual might unfriend the person out of anger, only to realize later that the move was not worth making. Pessimism causes people to make uninformed decisions. In anger, people tend to overlook the positive aspects of an individual’s personality and expand on the negative aspects excessively. The ability to rationally analyze situations, people, and circumstances is sapped in anger. An emotional effect of being angry is emotional outburst. Anger saps intelligence and the ability of an individual to maintain emotional balance. Emotional outburst can be exhibited in different ways. While some people shout, scream, or yell, others become faint. In emotional outburst, people say things that they really do not mean to say. They exaggerate the matter at hand and other’s fault in it, thus not only sounding irrational, but also casting a negative impression upon the audience both that is related to the matter and others that are not. Emotional outburst also causes many effects to appear physically and reflect in the face of the angry person. For example, some people go very red in the face when they are angry, some people’s lips, hands, and limbs start trembling in anger, and yet there are others, who start to perspire heavily in anger. All of this is a result of the interaction between mind and body in emotional outburst. In emotional outburst, people even say things that are not directly related to the matter at hand. They may draw examples of events that have passed several years ago, thus casting an impression upon the audience that they do not let go of things even if they seem to have forgiven. When people faint as a result of emotional outburst, their body temperature decreases and they turn white and pale in the face. Many people also perspire heavily when they faint. A physical effect of being angry is violence. Different people behave differently when they are angry. A reaction commonly shown by people in anger is violence. While some people simply enclose themselves in an empty room, and sleep away the anger, others start throwing things away, thus breaking them. A bad news heard over the television can seem a good reason to throw a vase at the LED screen and shatter it. Some people become so overwhelmed with anger that they ignite fire and burn away their possessions, rooms, and other kinds of property, thus putting others’ lives in danger in addition to their own. Possession of weapons can be potentially harmful for such an individual who cannot control themselves in anger. People who possess pistols have a tendency to shoot the person they are angry at in rare circumstances. Possession of weapons can be particularly dangerous when there is a fight between children or young adults. Out of immaturity and insanity, they are vulnerable to hurting or even ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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