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How Child Abuse and Neglect Affect Childhood - Essay Example

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This paper under the headline "How Child Abuse and Neglect Affect Childhood" focuses on the fact that child abuse and neglect can affect any child, usually aged 0-18, and it occurs across socio-economic, religious, ethnic or even educational backgrounds…
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How Child Abuse and Neglect Affect Childhood
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Extract of sample "How Child Abuse and Neglect Affect Childhood"

Download file to see previous pages Abuse and neglect can lead to a wide range of adverse impacts on children and young people such as physical, behavioral as well as psychological consequences which will affect the development and growth of the child either positively or negatively based on the environment and agency. More so, the physical, emotional, and cognitive developmental impacts from child neglect in early childhood can be carried on into adulthood. Research findings reveal that the experience of maltreatment can cause major long-term consequences on all aspects of a child’s health, growth as well as intellectual development, and mental wellbeing, and these effects can impair their functioning as adults. This essay provides a very thoughtful discussion of the possible effects of child abuse and neglect.

Arguably, child maltreatment can be viewed as a human rights violation that is caused by various factors involving the individual, family, and the community as a whole. From a narrower perspective, a child is a young human being normally below the age of puberty (younger than 18 years). Child abuse and neglect can be defined as “a recent act or failure to act especially by a parent or caretaker that leads to death, sexual abuse, physical or emotional harm or exploitation of a child” (Carrick and Scannapieco, 2005). Child abuse can as well be defined as any act that impairs a child’s physical or emotional health and development, while neglect refers to the failure of a parent or guardian to consistently provide for a child’s basic needs. Broadly, child maltreatment can be categorized into physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and emotional or psychological abuse (Carrick and Scannapieco, 2005; Kiran, 2011). There are many signs of the act of maltreatment some of which include frequent injuries and unexplained bruises; wearing inappropriate clothing to cover up injuries among others (Smith and Segal, n.d.). Anyone can report suspected child abuse or neglect by contacting local child protective services office, statewide hotlines, or law enforcement agency to report abuse and seek help. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Child Abuse and Neglect Affect Childhood Essay.
(How Child Abuse and Neglect Affect Childhood Essay)
How Child Abuse and Neglect Affect Childhood Essay.
“How Child Abuse and Neglect Affect Childhood Essay”.
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Physical abuse can occur from any form of physical activity either by parent or caregiver or by any other person who is responsible for the child (McDonald 223). The injury may range from a simple bruise to severe fractures. Since bruise is an indication of damage to body tissue and breaking of blood vessels, discipline methods which cause bruises are considered as child abuse. The physical abuse may even lead to death. These injuries are termed abuse irrespective of the intentions behind the acts. Neglect is another type of child abuse that merits importance (McDonald 222).  Failure on the part of the parent, caregiver or guardian to provide for the basic needs of the child is called neglect. The neglect may be physical,...

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... in their recovery to have a normal life. Taking this into account, there is a vital connection between parenting style and memory specificity (Schlachter et al 861). Childhood sexual abuse likewise has an effect of gender role attitudes. Specifically, gender role representation which is related to behaviours, individual qualities and roles that are proper for the male and female gender. These attitudes about gender affect how individuals conduct themselves or how they project their own stimulated behaviour, also as how they view and deal with other men and women (Unger et al 641-642). Gender role attitudes are generally associated to abuse and neglect during childhood. This is normally manifested when men abuse women sexually...
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