Identify and discuss three social changes that would need in the United States to move toward being a more peaceful(non-violent) - Essay Example

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Title Name of the Student of Professor The post- modern era pose a greater challenge for United States to pursue some social changes to keep the nation’s sustainability and great relation with other nations. Vesterman (2007) pointed that society evolves where changes could be “utopic or dystopic” as the mundane world is a complex quagmire of ‘heaven and hell’, depending on how human relations are conditioned by social forces that rule the implications of social changes…
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Identify and discuss three social changes that would need in the United States to move toward being a more peaceful(non-violent)
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"Identify and discuss three social changes that would need in the United States to move toward being a more peaceful(non-violent)"

Download file to see previous pages The people are not supposed to be each other’s enemies (Vesterman, 2007). First, US must vigorously pursue its diplomatic relations with the Arab world and develop a relation of collaboration and partnership for global economic concerns and amity in relations. The past decades proved that United States has been hostile to countries where perceived terrorist groups are existing and where leaders are inclined to violate denuclearization efforts of the United Nations. The global conditions require that venues for dialogue, interaction, and interfaith discourse be internationalized as inherent not only in diplomatic relations but also in the development of amity of nations to attain global peace. Second, the United States must pursue cultural discourse with the rest of the global community to fully appreciate the diversity and multicultural dimension of the global village. This can take place in both online and non-online settings where open communication is possible and where socio-cultural exchanges can be undertaken. This cultural nobility can be integrated as a policy in security management. As US, like its other global alliances, use the military forces in the intervention programs to conflict-affected communities and in regions where reconstruction or rehabilitation is undertaken, the forces should likewise be trained and educated to promote cultural respect and sensitivities to improve US international relations. This can likewise assuage the creation of leeway for economic exchanges where US has interest for trading, especially in oil production. At the domestic level, rigorous transformative policy formulation and enforcement should be undertaken with primacy on providing strategic resolution to domestic issues on job creation, social services delivery, provision of support to communities affected by climate changes (on reconstruction and rehabilitation) and engaging communities for resiliency. It is likewise paramount that the US must focus on the problems of immigration and encourage their return to their original countries to reduce the risks and vulnerabilities of domestic economy as their influx also added to the problems of unfriendly relations, poor social cohesion, and internal conflicts of interests (Malcom X, 1964). Anent thereto, the government should realize that social changes are necessary to attain a positive social changes where individuals and non-government participation is fully appreciated in nurturing world peace and social cohesion. In the historic epoch of civilizations, only peaceful discourse, negotiations, and open interaction can create an environment of peace that could encourage development workers and stakeholders to come together and discuss their situations to advance it at a higher level of relations (Vesterman, 2007). Violence and wars out of conflict of interests created losses and even its strategic resolution can only be created in the same path for peace. For peace can only be attained through peaceful means notwithstanding the fact that politics have showed the need for peoples, as stakeholders, to take part in social transformation to make it effective and reflective of its dreams or aspirations as peoples (Vesterman, 2007; Malcom X, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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