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Multiculturalism has had corrosive effects on society.' Discuss, referring to examples from different parts of the world - Assignment Example

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Multiculturalism and its Corrosive Effects on Society According to political philosophy, multiculturalism is an aspect where people tend to respond positively and interact with different groups of individuals. In such a setting, the society appreciates different people from different groups…
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Multiculturalism has had corrosive effects on society. Discuss, referring to examples from different parts of the world
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"Multiculturalism has had corrosive effects on society.' Discuss, referring to examples from different parts of the world"

Download file to see previous pages Living in a multicultural society encompasses a number of things. First, people have to accept the ethnicities and races of the other people. Secondly, in a multicultural society, people need to embrace unity in diversity (Asfaw, 2008:23). This is where different groups accept their diversity but still work together with others. Lastly, a multicultural society involves immigrants from other countries and regions. There are some people that seek refuge in different parts of the world for a variety of reasons. It is better to live in a multicultural society which is welcoming and hospitable than one’s homeland that may not offer much. However, multiculturalism has numerous corrosive effects towards the society. This paper will argue that multiculturalism has brought more harm than good. Though there are some advantages in terms of diversity, peaceful living and peaceful coexistence, multiculturalism has affected some parts with the consequences being recorded beyond limit. However, multiculturalism cannot be annihilated since it could be infringing the rights of some people. There are various corrosive aspects that have been heightened by the development of multicultural societies (Parekh, 2006:17). Some of these aspects are deeply rooted in the society and could lead to a deteriorated cultural setting. In many instances, there are some groups of people that emerge and are disadvantaged among the rest. According to statistics, the multicultural societies lead to cropping up of some groups that are not morally right. Though some people are of the opinion that these groups should be legalised, some people are critically opposed to this idea. For example, reports state that crimes rates have been increasing in Canada due to multicultural induction. Different groups have been cropping up and this has led to an increase in the crime rates. There is a similar record in the united state where there has been an increase in crime rates. This has been attributed to the increase in the number of immigrants in the countries (Cameron, 2011:3). In recent times, the United States government has instilled strict measures on the issue of immigrants participating in crimes. They are sentenced to stringent terms in jail as the regulations that have been imposed are to reduce the crime rates. Indeed, the multicultural society has seen deterioration in the normal routine in these countries. This has affected the moral way of the society where crime rates should be decreased. In many instances where multiculturalism has affected the moral behaviour of the society, many of the affected people’s lives are destabilised. Similarly, there is change in the way of life. Change in the morality of a person will definitely bring change into the normal activities, socialising culture and behaviour in the workplaces (Kivisto, 2008:19). Culture is withdrawn from communities hence bringing misconduct of children who are born in today’s generations and they cannot be advised. In many instances, the young generation does not conform to the culture that is instilled by the old generation. The new generation does not follow the previous culture that has been cultivated by the older generation. In most cases, the new generation does not follow the culture that has been in the society for a long time. This is ultimately brought by the issue of the multiculturalism in the society. Many different cultures have their different norms and activities that are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Multiculturalism Has Had Corrosive Effects on society.' Discuss, Assignment)
Multiculturalism Has Had Corrosive Effects on society.' Discuss, Assignment.
“Multiculturalism Has Had Corrosive Effects on society.' Discuss, Assignment”, n.d.
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'Multiculturalism has had corrosive effects on society.' Discuss, referring to examples from different parts of the world
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