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White Paper: Sleep Deprivation Caused by Shift Rotation - Essay Example

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In this white paper, I have investigated sleep deprivation caused by the impact of rotation of the shift on the productivity of technicians. Although technicians may be seen as requiring little skill, they are very stress-prone because of the workload they receive…
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White Paper: Sleep Deprivation Caused by Shift Rotation
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White Paper: Sleep Deprivation Caused by Shift Rotation

Download file to see previous pages... Shift rotation can be particularly challenging for the technicians because accuracy and attention to detail is required throughout the day for any technician and that alone is exhausting. The aspects explored in this paper would help the audiences recognize the gravity of problem and take necessary measures to avoid such occurrences. The major symptoms of sleep deprivation that shift rotating technician’s exhibit Daytime sleep and night activity causes the intrinsic body clock to be desynchronized from its surrounding environment. This causes deprivation of chronic sleep with rapid eye movement (REM) and stage 2 non-rapid eye movement (NREM) thus causing reduction of sleep and alertness and declined performance at work in a vast majority of cases. Technicians experiencing sleep deprivation assume increased risk of accidents. Disorder in the sleep/wake cycle causes reduction of the physiological differences in the sympathetic activity from day to night. The tendency of having hypertension is higher in the shift workers as compared to the daytime workers. Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) is a problem of health commonly found in the patients having sleep-disordered breathing most of who are shift workers. “One may speculate that chronic in?ammatory changes in the pharyngeal soft tissue in OSAS may be aggravated by elevated in?ammatory cytokines in subjects with sleep restriction” (Paciorek et al., 2011, p. 276). The major symptoms of sleep deprivation caused by shift rotating including excessive sleepiness linked with sleeping and working at non-standard times and insomnia. In spite of the attempts made to optimize the environment of sleep, the total time of sleep in a day is reduced by several hours. Sleepiness reflects in unintended dozing, a desire to nap, irritability impaired mental acuity, accident proneness, and poor performance. Fatigue is usually a compounding factor since shift work is often linked with added hours of duty. Other symptoms commonly found in technicians with sleep deprivation include but are not limited to irritability, laziness, depression, reduced cognition, and other behavioral issues. One major symptom or consequence of shift rotation is obesity. As the technicians work at night, their glucose and triglyceride levels shoot up, thus causing them to have heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and elevated lipid levels. Causes of the symptoms of sleep deprivation Insomnia and sleepiness during the wake-time are associated with the misalignment between the endogenous circadian sleep and wake propensity and the timing of non-standard schedule of wake-sleep. Factors like social obligations and noise can interrupt attempted sleep at unusual times in addition to the circadian misalignment. An inevitable level of sleep deprivation is related to the immediate transitions in the schedule of sleep. For instance, a night worker who has been awake on the first night duty’s tour for 24 hours is acutely deprived of sleep by the morning. The effects of sleep deprivation depend on the level of severity of OSAS. The acute sleep deprivation of six hours reduces the neuron output of the upper airway (Paciorek et al., 2011, p. 276). The apnea/hypopnea index (AHI) is greater in the technicians with OSAS working shifts during the diurnal sleep following the night shift. Shift workers that have negative nighttime polysomnographies, daytime somnolence, and typical history usually demonstrate high AHI in the diurnal polysomnographies after the working shift of night. The impact of sleep deprivation upon the depressive mood is inspired by the circadian preferences of the technicians. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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