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Adidas vs. Nike Ads Techniques Name Institution Competition in business has seen some of the most memorable advertisements in the modern business developments. In fact, when some brands are about to be forgotten a simple but vivid commercials can bring the brand into limelight amidst competition…
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Comparison between two advert
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Download file to see previous pages The paper analyzes the two memorable ads presented by the Nike and Adidas. The two companies have very different approaches to their advertising techniques and style. Adidas normally focuses in the notion that any of their sportswear is strong and can withstand impossible pressures. For example, this ad shows a man running and a background description that the man wears Nike. The other man, apparently carrying a 50-pound camera and filming the running man, wears Adidas. This theme of strength and durability presented by the ad reflects Adidas’ slogan of “Impossible is Nothing!” The idea this ad is trying to feed into the minds of the viewers is that with Adidas, you’re assured of a durable product which can withstand a heavier load than Nike can do. Nike on the other hand presents a different perspective of their slogan, “Just Do It!” For instance, in this YouTube video, Nike presents a commercial of Good vs. Evil which creates an illusion that skills are better than shear strength. Shot through the eyes of the soccer legends like French’s Zinedine Zidane and Eric Cantona, Brazil’s Ronaldo among others, who represents Nike and others evil men representing evil. With skills, the soccer stars manage to outdo the seemingly strong evil men in the soccer pitch. The two companies have differentiated themselves in terms of brand value and attributes of their products. However, both Nike and Adidas use some complex multimodal choices in attempts to appeal to their brand identity. In order to understand the complex nature of the ads, it is important to look at the frameworks of social semiotics, film theory, and branding (Roy 2006, p.27) that have been adversely applied within the two ads. From the Nike’s ad, it is critical to note the emphasis is on the functional supernatural power of skills over strength. On the other hand, Adidas’ functional benefits are emphasized by their strong boot’s ability to withstand pressure in a rugged terrain. More importantly, it is prudent to note that Nike portrays the notion of hardworking players with winning mentality and strong attitude to compete. Adidas, on the other hand, portrays dedication, passion and active involvement of individuals in any activity. From the Nike’s ad and slogan, “Just Do It!” one can deduce the fact that Nike has maintained their tradition of not only producing quality shoes for professional athletes but also emphasizing activity of jogging in the everyday life of communities. The philosophy in this ad is that sports heroes associated with Nike products can build the brand. Through these sports heroes, Nike has managed to cultivate the image that their products can enhance hard work, competitiveness, and toughness (Aaker, 2002, p.129). The end result, however, is that its all about talent that matter. Nike emphasizes on talents, while Adidas stresses on hard work. Adidas has a different approach as indicated in the ad. Founded on the culture of quality and innovation, Adidas has emphasized on strength for their sportswear products, which can withstand any weather and diversity. Adidas emphasis is on quality and ability of its products to meet any physical challenge. In other words, rather than focusing on the renowned stars, the company emphasized team spirit, strength, and power to withstand pressure. Finally, the two commercials share some common film theories in the making of their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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