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Male Aesthetics: A Diversion from the Common - Assignment Example

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Name Name of Professor Subject Date Male Aesthetics: A Diversion from the Common In the world nowadays, the notion of about the male body is changing especially in the realm of pop culture. There is an inherent assertion about these representations of the male body that deals with the representations of sex and gender together with its generalizations and complexities…
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Male Aesthetics: A Diversion from the Common
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"Male Aesthetics: A Diversion from the Common"

Download file to see previous pages Even though she has touched on the complex matter as such, there is still a deliberation in her essay about how the images in different advertisements has used the thought or idea of sex in enticing people to purchase products. She has carefully assessed the manner of representation: from the form, the pose, the lighting, the figure, the emotion and all other factors. However, it is very surprising that Bordo focused as well on the different conditions surrounding the issue of gender and sex since she has provided certain conditions about how the gay people become very involved in the production of these advertisements. In the end, the essay of Bordo has focused on these major concepts; representation of the male body, conveying sexually charged images, societal implications of this marketing breakthrough and issue of gender roles. In relation to contemporary advertising, I have chosen three different ads to assess. First is the figure of Adam Levine, the lead vocalist of Maroon 5, posing naked for an awareness campaign on prostate and testicular cancer. In this ad, Adam Levine does not have any clothing yet there hands of a lady covering his genitals. There is also presence of tattoos almost all throughout his body especially in the arms. His face is also very manly, emanating a very strong and a bad-boy like aura. He also stands very still, showcasing a very manly attitude. How the representation of Adam Levine relates to the assertions of Bordo? First is that the very firm standing position of Adam Levine denotes the dominance of men, considered as one of the traditional conventions. Second is that tattoos are in most cases, associated to rowdy men, which is a signifier of social class that happened to be one of indicators of gender norm as asserted by Bordo (146). Third, the bad-boy like aura of Levine can be associated to his tattoos, and it happens to be one the characteristics of men that women like. However, the last controversial factor about male representation in this ad is the nakedness of Levine. The whole fact that he is naked shows that he is not scared of showing his body to the world even if women and gays will have to fantasize over him. Despite of that, the presence of the hands of her girlfriend is also a signifier that even if Adam is an ideal standard of beauty for men, he is already taken. In this case, two premises somehow clashes. First is that the ideal men should be hot and lean. The second one is that men should be decisive and loyal to women. Unlike before, there is only a dominance of one image yet the image of Levine can be considered a breakthrough since there is an inherent assertion that he is not just a man of looks but also of attitude. Despite of this awesomeness present in the ad, one thing can still be contested about it. Why a denotation of sex is the most appropriate way of campaigning for prostate and testicular cancer awareness? This is indeed questionable. The very nature of the ad already objectifies Adam Levine as a subject of sexual fantasy and his image in the ad does not really speak about awareness of prostate cancer. One thing can be considered certain about this; Adam, being an image of pop culture, should at least be capitalized for the benefit of a project. Yet his representation is very trivial and sensational. The second ad I want to focus on is the image of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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