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Applications for Experimental Aesthetics - Literature review Example

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This literature review "Applications for Experimental Aesthetics" focuses on a psychological field whose central part is the analysis of individual experience and behaviors. It takes a quantitative, empirical and reductionist approach in the analysis of the phenomena.  …
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Applications for Experimental Aesthetics
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Extract of sample "Applications for Experimental Aesthetics"

Download file to see previous pages According to the principle of the aesthetic middle, people will tolerate most often and for the largest time a certain medium degree of arousal thus making them neither dissatisfied or not over-stimulated by the lack of sufficient occupation’ (Henri, 2013). Another critical principle of this approach is the principle of ‘unitary connection of the manifold’ that points out that pleasing the stimuli must offer a proper balance between complexity (multiplicity of points of attack) and orderliness (unitary connection). In this case, these principles aesthetic pleasure is related to the feelings from the search for meaning in artworks (Wilber, 2000).
Daniel Berlyne (1974) pioneered modern experimental aesthetics on based his theoretical model on visual attributes (collative stimuli properties) that include complexity, novelty, incongruity and surprisingly (Henri, 2013). Berlyne has distinguished diverse exploration that occurs when an individual is seeking arousing stimuli due to lack of stimulation and specific exploration that occurs when the individual is trying to understand or make sense of the existing stimulus in order to reduce the uncertainty. Abra (1998) asserts that aesthetic judgment will occur as either hedonic tone or conflict-arousal and arousal that is linked with the specific exploration will increase as the uncertainty increases. On the other side, the increase in uncertainty will increase the hedonic tone or degree of pleasantness up to a certain point then start to decrease thus implying an inverted U-shaped curvilinear relationship (Wilber, 2000). This relationship demonstrates that people will experience happiness when exposed to intermediate levels of visual stimulation, but not excessive arousal or stimulation. This suggests that experiment aesthetics in a commercial setting will generate high positive judgments. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Applications for Experimental Aesthetics Literature review.
(Applications for Experimental Aesthetics Literature Review)
Applications for Experimental Aesthetics Literature Review.
“Applications for Experimental Aesthetics Literature Review”.
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