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This paper will begin with the statement that being professional is about maintaining an attitude that is conducive for one’s complete involvement in the work. Professionalism is something many people have a sense of but many find it difficult to interpret their thoughts about it into words…
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What Does Being Professional Mean
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The author of the paper tells that when a corporate executive behaves in a professional manner, it improves his/her rapport with the clients and conveys a good image of him to the public in general. Professional behavior requires people to be extremely polite and considerate in their mannerism. They have to be courteous to everybody no matter how harsh the circumstances may be. In order to maintain professionalism at all times, it is imperative that an individual makes use of his/her emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is a blessing of nature. It is a sense that tells an individual how to understand the feelings and expectations of people he/she interacts with. Especially, for an executive officer, emotional intelligence is extremely important because it allows him/her to keep the morale of the employees down the line high. Professionalism is the name of balancing between the business and society. In the contemporary age, where global warming and unsustainable development have become the greatest issues, business entrepreneurs assume an obvious responsibility of modifying their business practices in a way that reduces its negative impacts on the society and increases its profitability for the owner as well as usability to the society. Some executives think that as long as they are controlling the work in such a way that they are meeting the requirements of the strategic planning, they are being professional. That is indeed, not the case! In the capacity of being a human, everybody has some moral obligations towards the state that everybody must take into consideration. Thus, professionalism essentially requires an individual to be watchful of his social and moral obligations along with his/her obligations towards the employer or the business. People who are professional are unfailingly polite, courteous and well-spoken, no matter what the situation. Being professional means you keep your cool and remain calm under any circumstances. No matter how upset a co-worker or customer makes you, you don't react; you deal with the situation rationally and calmly. Professionalism requires an individual to work his/her way towards the solution of the problem. In the workplace, people develop conflicts with their colleagues quite often over matters of little significance. In fact, when the conflicts are dysfunctional, the cause of conflict is usually purely personal and has got nothing to do with the organization. Personal causes of conflicts can be racism, envy, and professional jealousy etc. On the other hand, there are functional conflicts that usually arise because of the difference of opinions over matters of organizational significance. Functional conflict is a clash of views and is indeed good for the organization because the argument generally results in the adoption of the best alternative. Professionalism requires an individual to stay calm in the dysfunctional conflicts and let go of the petty issues if they surface because dysfunctional conflicts only aggravate the tension and increase the differences among individuals. A professional person does not make the fuss of little issues and instead, works towards the solution of such problems. However, a professional person takes full interest in functional conflicts and makes sure that the argument evaluates the merits and demerits of every alternative considered and leads to the selection of the best alternative. Professionalism is about staying optimistic and believing in one’s capabilities. Quite often, it so happens that an individual does not get the results as per his/her expectations even when he/she has taken adequate precautionary measures. It is quite normal for this to happen because certain factors that are beyond our control are playing their part in every decision we take, and we can not do anything about them. Even the best of leaders and decision-makers may occasionally end up making irrational decisions. But one should remain composed in such circumstances and should not let go of one’s self-confidence. Instead of getting distresses, one should see what can be done to minimize the effects of the irrational decision and how things can be fixed. Hence, there are several qualities that make an individual professional. Basically, when one thinks optimistically and keeps one’s approach positive, one behaves professionally! Read More
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