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Therapeutic Approaches Paper - Assignment Example

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Course Institution Date Therapeutic relationship In normal life circumstances, people usually engage in day to day conversations with each other in their places of work and many other places. In our above essay we shall major in discussing the therapeutic relationships in health content’s which is almost similar to a normal conversation between two individuals but has one of the unique differences…
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Therapeutic Approaches Paper
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Download file to see previous pages The therapeutic relationship was established so as to create a means by which the health professions and the respective patient come get into a one on one conversation so as to archive effective beneficial changes to the respective patient (Bowie 1996). Therapeutic approach communications are mostly applicable in mental health centers and it is conducted by mental professionals who have a common purpose of solving emotional conflicts that that happen through the mind of the respective patients. Therapeutic relationship assurers the patients at hand of enough security in the information they give to the healthcare professionals. This enhances them to open up and give the accurate information about what is making them to have the emotional conflicts and thus getting the appropriate treatment. Therapeutic relationship was established after some major researches were conducted and it was scientifically proved that it really aided the health care professionals to foresee the appropriate diagnosis and treatment that the patient required to cure the particular disease that he or she was suffering from (Gel so 1998). Rogers developed a therapeutic relationship model that was aimed at providing the respective patients with a chance of them understanding how their particular attitudes and feelings are being affected by their emotional conflicts and the appropriate treatment required to solve these problems is that the patients should achieve their full positive potential. Rogers discovered a number of conditions that that was essential to enhance effective changes to the client's personality. Some of these conditions include genuine of both the heath care therapist and the respective patient, professionalism of the health care therapist in his work, the patient openness to the healthcare therapist and many others. Rogers was focused on developing a therapeutic relationship model that will ensure that both the patients and the health care therapist were both involved in solving the patient’s emotional conflicts (Gel so 1998). A health care professional is one who is able to put himself or herself in the shoes of the respective patient that they are attending and avoid any circumstances of being judgmental. The health care professionals should have a sympathetic and empathetic attitude towards their particular patients and this will enhance them to get familiar with the personality, feelings and so many other factors that relate to their patients. The health care professionals who conduct the therapeutic relationship posse’s very good communication skills which one of them is listening. An effective communication process occurs between two individuals. It is a two process and hence the two involved parties should give each other time to speak and listen (Forchuk, Westwel, and Hux 2000). The therapeutic health care professional has understood this communication skill and they are employing it professionally their day to day work. Every individual desires to be heard as they speak in all circumstances and if by any chance the therapeutic health care professionals lack this special communicating skill then they end up not meeting the expectations of their patients (Steve 2000). Effective therapeutic communication also involves use nonverbal communication such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Therapeutic Approaches Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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