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Policy changes - Essay Example

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Policy Changes Introduction: The world at its present course has been shaped by many social, political and economic policies of powerful nations. The effects of these policies are not localized largely due to globalization that has shrunk the boundaries and created a unified system where any ripple generated at one part can spread its impact on the whole structure…
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Policy changes
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Download file to see previous pages The current policy of the USA pertaining to the nuclear program of Iran has failed to serve its purpose and should be looked upon from a different dimension to have any positive effect. Like an expired drug, any outdated or faulty policy, if kept implemented, can have its adverse reaction. This is an important concept to understand. The effect of the USA current policy is not limited to Iran but it shares a common interest of many countries around the world. Iran’s desire to acquire nuclear technology has raised many eyebrows on the international horizon (Davis 2011). America continues to follow a non-lenient policy on this matter and has to come up with a strong response. President Obama’s speech in Cairo also addressed the issue of Iran’s nuclear program clearly stating the country’s policy on the subject. The U.S. has its concerns over Iran’s peaceful propositions. Therefore, a conflict is inevitable. Currently, the U.S. follows a policy of implementing sanctions and using diplomatic tools to force Iran to give up its desire of pursuing nuclear technology. But nothing much has been achieved so far. Despite this fact few amendments have been made from the U.S. government in their current policy. As mentioned earlier, this has resulted in some side effects. Iran is now more determined to bypass the international forum. Retaliation also came in the form of Oil embargo that was imposed on the members of European Nation. Due to the fact that America has a history of rivalry with Iran, it could be deduced that any American enforcement will aggravate the situation. Moreover, it is the right of any country to utilize its resources to fuel the economy. Iran believes that a nuclear energy can resolve their crisis of energy needs and can boost their economy. Any obstacle from America that prevents Iran from achieving that goal will be viewed as a conspiracy against them. Therefore, a new policy is required to address this particular issue. A proposed policy could be a discussion with the Iranian Government over their energy needs, and an alternative solution to that crisis can be provided. How to Implement That Policy? The first and the foremost hurdle that resulted in the failure of the early policy was that it was implemented by the U.S. The history between the countries suggests that any proposition from any side will be dealt with criticism and suspicion (Fayazmanesh 2008). Moreover, this problem is not of the USA alone and president Obama made it very clear in his speech in Cairo that all the steps taken against Iran are in the best interest of all humanity. Let’s closely look at the situation, if Iran acquires nuclear technology, it will definitely initiate a nuclear arm race in the surrounding region that can have severe consequences. We cannot afford a third world war. If initiated, these nuclear weapons can lead to annihilation of our entire planet. But Iran is not ready to give up its program and will surely reject the future U.S. policies. The cause of such response towards the U.S. policies by Iran can be traced back to history. The only country in the history of mankind that practically used nuclear weapons to destroy two cities and killed thousands of people in a blink of an eye is none other than the U.S. Though, many justifications were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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