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International Relations - Project with Outline - Research Paper Example

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Nuclear weapon can be considered as one of the most vicious weapons that were ever invented possessing the capability of causing significant impacts both on the countries’ development along with its economic conditions. However, owing to its virtues towards international…
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International Relations - Research Project with Outline
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Download file to see previous pages Periodically, a striving nuclear program pursued in Teheran during the year of 1970. As per the contemporaneous documents of US, it was apparently mentioned that the nuclear ambition of Iran was intensely focused on producing 10-20 nuclear power reactors and more than 20,000 megawatts of nuclear power by the year of 1994. The nuclear power of Iran was commenced as a light-water nuclear power reactor to be placed near the city of Bushehr. Effectively, uranium enrichment technology and producing nuclear weapons has also been instigated in the city of Teheran1.
There are certain reasons that can be identified behind embarking nuclear programs within the countries. According to the present scenario, the global countries seek to adopt the nuclear programs for effective and instant security and thereby protect it from external security threats. Furthermore, the nuclear programs adopted by countries are often considered as an establishment of apparent coercions and distrust within the global environment which in turn increases the threat of global sustainability by a considerable extent2.
The leadership phenomenon of Iran has been consistently taking place in international debates concerning its nuclear ambition. It is in this context that several well-argued statements in relation to Iran’s acquisition of nuclear programs have been commented by various national as well as international leaders. With this concern, the problem can be identified apparently referring to the steps of nuclear ambition taken by Iran with its international relationships. For instance, the unidentifiable effects of nuclear hostilities are also regarded as an important aspect for giving rise to security concerns amid other countries. The strapping international pressure forced Iran to provisionally freeze the uranium fortification activities and to develop the inspection of its nuclear power organising alliances with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the year 20033.
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